20:20 Vision

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18 September 2014 to 20 September 2014 at 7.30pm

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£12 / 10

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As part of Camden People’s Theatre’s [email protected] anniversary strand, we present 20:20 Vision – a weekend of new commissioned work (selected via open call for submission) exploring how the world has changed since CPT’s foundation in 1994, and how it may change in the two decades to come. Each evening will feature a mixed bill of works-in-progress by some of the country’s most exciting new theatre-makers responding to the theme.

Thur 18: Kerrie Reading, Thomas Martin and Jamie Harper
Fri 19: Kerrie Reading, Jack Dean and Jamie Harper
Sat 20: Jack Dean, Thomas Martin and Jamie Harper

(Image by Hannah Jane Copestake

Human Basic by Thomas Martin 

Human Basic is the second in a proposed trilogy of solo story-shows investigating personal identity through the lens of speculative fiction.

It will chart, through two stories, the birth, growth, and future of the performative online self. It will ask questions about identity, intimacy, and communication. Informed and excited by trans theory and the shifting pluralism of internet culture, it will worry about the future of the individual, and whether there is, like, a 'soul.'

Funny, heartfelt, and impossibly weird, Human Basic is a show for anyone who's ever thought that, deep down, they might be an elf. Or a squid. Or a bit of nylon.

tjamesmartin | #humanbasic | www.thomasjamesmartin.co.uk


Camden on the Moon by Jack Dean 

A miniature sci-fi epic filled with gentrification, isolation, real-life cyberpunks, cheap Chinese food, hipster Clangers, and a little girl with a homemade rocket ship. Told using spoken word, storytelling, recovered footage and interviews with lunar residents.

"Artists like rap storyteller Jack Dean make us excited about what they might do next" – The Guardian

@mcjackdean | www.jackdean.co.uk/


Archipelago by Jamie Harper

Arguably the biggest change in the world since 1994 is the growth of global communications. The internet has given people unprecedented access to information about the lives of others, irrespective of where they live.

Archipelago will invite participants to consider these issues, and empower them to shape their future through game play. The context is a chain of islands and the players (our audience) are islanders, whose mission is to maximise the happiness of their people. But what's the secret of happiness? Wealth? Power? Or simply food, shelter, health and survival?

With this question in their minds, participants will navigate the metaphorically stormy seas of the Archipelago, gathering precious resources, forging alliances or crushing enemies. The story that emerges from this game-play – woven together with a simple dramatic narrative about the human impact of global decisions – will sketch what the world might look like in twenty years, asking penetrating questions about how we live as individuals in a community and how communities can share their world.

@hobotheatre | www.hobotheatre.co.uk


Turning the Spotlight on the People by Kerrie Reading 

A performance that looks at the past 20 years through CPT's archives and beyond, thinking about what was happening politically and socially that potentially impacted the work being made and how it was received. A one-woman devised piece of chaos, humour, reflection, music and physical performance as I attempt to embody and interpret the past twenty years and ask the question – what has really changed?

@kerrie_reading | www.kerriereading.com

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