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In August 2020, Camden People’s Theatre announced its biggest ever round of commissions. 

They included our all-new Outside the Box commission, for projects – live, virtual or both – exploring what ‘live performance’ can be at a time of closed theatres.

The commission also sought out projects that would communicate meaningfully – and promise exciting cultural encounters – with CPT’s local communities, themselves isolated in many cases by the Covid-19 pandemic.

We are now thrilled to present the four terrific projects selected for that award: Pigfoot’s Hot in Here; Adam Welsh’s No Future; John Akinde’s Rap Therapy; and Anna Morrissey & Tristan Kajanus’s North West.

 The projects were selected by a panel comprising members of CPT’s local community and artists from marginalised backgrounds alongside members of the CPT team. They have been in development since autumn 2020, and are being shared publicly this spring for the first time.

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no future

by Adam Welsh

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North West

by Anna Morrissey & Tristan Kajanus

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Rap Therapy


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Hot In Here

by Pigfoot