Camden Alive (c) Angela Christofilou
Camden Alive (c) Angela Christofilou

Past Projects

Camden Alive

A Day In The Life is a collaboration between hip-hop theatre company Beats & Elements and Remix Dance. Created and performed by a community cast of 30, 6-16 year olds, the show used an innovative blend of beatbox, rap, spoken word and dance to take you on a journey through a ‘Day In The Life’ of the residents of Regents Park.

The show was performed for three sell-out shows at CPT in May 2020 before being shared for 500 guests at the British Museum as part of the Camden Alive launch.

Commissioned by Camden People’s Theatre and Camden Alive. Supported by Regents Place.

Camden Alive is part of the Mayor’s London Borough of Culture and is a Cultural Impact Award winner. London Borough of Culture is a Mayor of London initiative with support from the City of London Corporation’s Charity, City Bridge Trust and Airbnb.

Access the press release for Camden Alive here.

Non-contact boxing workshop

In May 2019, Inspired by Sean Mahoney’s spoken word performance, When you Hear That Bell that was performed as part of CPT’s The Camden Roar Festival, Camden People’s Theatre offered a Saturday afternoon non-contact boxing workshop for young people. Led by Action Youth Boxing, the group learnt boxing skills and had the opportunity to  meet theatre maker Sean Mahoney who will talk about his own experience coming of age in his local boxing club.

Supported by Regent’s Place.