NEWS: Meet Our 2022 Starting Blocks Artists!

JACK BOAL (he/him)

Jack is a performer and theatre maker who laces clowning with interactive performance to investigate the politics surrounding working-class and LGBTQ+ people. Jack’s work is political and entertaining, engaging audiences with history to create dialogue on the present and future. He is a member of HighRise Theatre’s associate company NewGens – he recently performed in their production of The Concrete Jungle Book at The Pleasance. Jack’s premiere project, Thatcher-Rite, sees him transform into Margaret Thatcher as the audience decides her eternal fate. Thatcher-Rite was first performed online and then as work-in-progress at Camden People’s Theatre with support from Raze Collective and Something To Aim For.

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A closeup of a white, femme presenting person with peroxide blonde hair. She is grinning off to the right of the camera. She wears a green high vis vest and has green paint splattered on her face.LOUISA DOYLE (she/they)

Louisa is a live artist whose work is interested in consent, connection and bewilderment. Combining documentary, autobiography and surreal flights of fancy, her work takes a deep-dive into the slipperiness of subjectivity and the ways we are driven by longing and loss. She started developing a solo live art practice last year at the Sunday Skool free art school, hosted by VSSL studio, and is delighted to continue this work during Starting Blocks 2022. She is also a dramaturg for Sweet Beef and co-founder of Shrinking Violet, a theatre company who have shared work at Summerhall, Curve Theatre and Tramshed.

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A colour image of Meg smirking (in a friendly way!) at the camera. They have shaved brown hair and is wearing a two-tone pink t-shirt with some gold jewelry.MEG HODGSON (she/they)

Meg Hodgson is a multi-faceted performer based in London and Essex. They trained at Queen Mary UoL and Ecole Philippe Gaulier and have performed collaboratively within many kinds of performance including drag, immersive club performance and live art. They are also currently studying a BSc in Planetary Science. The intersection of science and art is something that they’ve been thinking deeply about for many years. MOONFACE is a long-standing seed of a show about the new space race, which would mark the beginning of this exploration through performance.


Smiling young East Asian woman standing on a brick pavement in front of two brutalist buildings.EDEN JUN (she/her)

Eden is a performer and writer. She grew up in Seoul and Birmingham, she is developing her first solo show in London: a playful and political choose-your-own adventure story about a woman fighting to reclaim her narrative and identity. In 2020, she was part of the Online Solo Show Creation Lab by Haley McGee (creator of Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale). In 2021, she joined New Earth Theatre Performers Academy South. She has been inspired by her mentor, Sabrina Mahfouz, to pursue writing and performing political feminist work. She is also writing a TV pilot and a science theatre show for families.


JONNY KHAN (he/him)

Jonny Khan is an Actor, Writer and DJ based in South London. His work explores combining theatre, raving and British South Asian culture. He has worked with theatres including Bush, Royal Court, Omnibus and New Vic theatre and has had guest mix features on Subtle, 1020 and Vandelay radio. Jonny’s first writing and directing credit was Order from Chaos, which was performed to sold-out audiences at Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Nottingham Lakeside Arts Centre. He is excited to create more work which pushes the boundaries of theatre and get audiences up and dancing with club and desi inspired tunes.

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Shambles Ensemble is a new company creating visually and physically driven experimental work which incorporates elements of Total Theatre, Ensemble, LeCoq pedagogy and Magie Nouvelle, often through collaborative processes. This will be the first show created by Shambles Ensemble with support from CPT.