CPT invited to NRTF New Directions 2014 showcase

CPT & Gameshow's The HS2 Project to take part in rural touring showcase event this summer

We're delighted to announce that CPT and Gameshow's co-production of The HS2 Project – our innovative documentary theatre piece researched in communities in Camden and Birmingham – has been invited to the National Rural Touring Forum's annual showcase New Directions.

New Directions 2014 will enable touring schemes, venues and promoters to sample shows, see work, share experiences with other promoters and broaden their knowledge of work available. It is also a fabulous opportunity for companies to highlight the quality and style of their work; and  creates an opportunity to talk directly with touring schemes and start meaningful relationships and dialogue. The programme is curated by China Plate, and the event takes place at York Theatre Royal from July 15 – 17. More details here.

The HS2 Project is an innovative documentary theatre project about the government's proposed HS2 rail link from Euston to Birmingham, and the dramatic impact it may have on neighbourhoods and communities in Camden, Birmingham and all points in between. The project was originally created at CPT in autumn 2012, with the support of the West Euston Partnership, to research and articulate Camden residents’ and business-people’s feelings about the rail link – which would have a dramatic effect on the area local to CPT. At the time, lead artist Matthew Evans wrote:

“Over the past month I’ve been asking myself some tricky questions. How can a one-man show represent the feelings of a whole community? How can I reflect people’s reactions to HS2? Something that stands out from local reactions to HS2 is a lack of communication. There’s often not a sense of blame, just a feeling that people aren’t as informed as they might be. So I thought that communication might be my starting point. And so, sitting with people, one by one, with patience, over time, we create something together…”  

CPT will now further develop The HS2 Project towards full production, for an innovative tour in spring 2015. That tour will trace the route of the proposed first-stage HS2 railway, from Euston to Birmingham. The show may take place in community spaces as well as theatres. The HS2 Project will thus become an ever-evolving, ever-inquiring and entirely original theatre project. Experimental, engaged and local, it will ask: What are we sacrificing in the name of speed and convenience – and who’s making those sacrifices? Should we embrace the pace, or restrain the train?