Camden People’s Theatre wishes to express its strong support for and solidarity with the worldwide protests against systemic racism in light of the appalling murder of George Floyd. At CPT, we still have lots to learn about anti-racism. We will take this opportunity to listen, learn more, and ask ourselves: how can we better build anti-racism into everything we do? … Read more

We’re locked down – but we’ll get up again

It’s now been nine weeks since CPT closed its doors to the public – something we couldn’t have dreamt of at the turn of the year. It was devastating to postpone so many wonderful productions and commissions. But we’ve been overwhelmed by the support, positivity and goodwill of our audiences, artists and staff. Thank you! With several staff on furlough, … Read more

Guest Blog: Chris Goode on his fascination with language

The way my dad tells it, when I was around eight, one day over the dinner table I just announced: “Words are my friends.”   By that age I was already writing poems and stories, and taking an interest in etymology and Scrabble, and basically I was the sort of precocious punchable suck-up kid who would say that sort of … Read more