Tom Hughes – what to expect

What you can expect from Tom Hughes as part of the Starting Blocks showcase Can you give us a teaser of what you'll be presenting as part of the Starting Blocks showcase on 30 March? We are presenting bits of two 1970s American movies, both directed by Terrence Malick, all mashed-up together with some classic driving music, a bit of … Read more

UNPACK: What’s in store

Want to find out what to expect in Unpack? – we hear from Glen and Neil about what they've got in store for us.  Hi Glen, hi Neil! Very much looking forward to Unpack being part of Sprint this year. In 5 words, what can we expect to see on 28 – 29 March? First go at unpacking Unpack   This is a … Read more

One: What’s in store

We chat to Jaye Kearney about her one-woman show, One. Hi Jaye. You're kicking off Sprint with you're one-woman show, One. In 5 words, what can we expect to see ? Bridget Jones, desert island, celebration   Brilliant! Can you tell us a bit about how you developed the show, and where you came up with the original idea from? One was … Read more

Search Party on the politics of parenthood

Jodie Hawkes and Pete Phillips from Search Party talk about the chaos and the politics of parenthood, and how it influences the way they make performance.  My Son & Heir is this year's Spring Festivals Co-Commission (Sprint, Pulse, Mayfest & Night Watch festivals). It is at CPT on 8 March. Book tickets here. In 2009 we began a life-long performance project … Read more