An Open Letter to Elizabeth Day

A response to Elizabeth Day’s column about theatre in this Sunday’s Observer. Jamal Harewood’s ‘The Privileged’   Dear Elizabeth, On Sunday you wrote a column about how much you dislike theatre. You called it a ‘stilted, overrated art form’ – calling it out for being long, overpriced and dated. I think you’ve been going to the wrong theatres. The theatre you talk … Read more


A response from Coney's Tassos Stevens to the UK General Election on 7th May 2015. A movement to create a confident progressive alternative to the dictating ideology of these precarious times. An assertion of imagination and loveliness to counter a culture of fear and uncertainty. Not party political and free for anyone to draw inspiration. A complement to all the … Read more

Republica blog

REPUBLICA in Granada We had a good idea of the overall structure of the piece at this point, but there was a whole middle section to work out, the theme of which was ‘The Pact of Silence’ or ‘Dancing is Forbidden’. We arrived on ‘El día de las Cruces’ (the day of The Cross), and were told that the Albaycín, where we were staying, … Read more

Greyscale director Selma Dimitrijevic on how Gods Are Fallen And All Safety Gone was created

Greyscale director Selma Dimitrijevic on how Gods Are Fallen And All Safety Gone was created Gods Are Fallen And All Safety Gone comes to CPT for three weeks from 12 – 31 May. Take a look at the trailer here.   What was it about the parent/child relationship that interested you most? Probably the fact that everyone has experience of it in one way … Read more

Brian Logan on No Milk for the Foxes

CPT’s Artistic Director Brian Logan on why we’re excited for Beats + Elements’ hip-hop theatre show No Milk for the Foxes. The actors Julie Walters, “Dame” Judi Dench and James McAvoy have railed against it. But who’s doing anything about it? I’m talking about the slow death of working-class talent in the theatre: a much-vexed subject in the era of silver-spoon … Read more

Greyscale blog – mums and daughters

Desara and her Mum were our first ever guests on Gods Are Fallen. We asked Desara to tell us a bit more about the experience Desara and her Mum were our first ever guests on Gods Are Fallen. We asked Desara to tell us a bit more about the experience I worked with Selma on a show called ‘The Rashomon Effect’ … Read more

Starting Blocks final week

Owl Young tells us about experience of Starting Blocks ahead of the showcase this Sunday I have 146 followers on twitter. I have contacts in the arts industry. I’ve had conversations with artists whom less than a year ago I was aspiring to be like. I have answers to questions I never knew I had. I have a 60-minute show. 9 weeks … Read more

Starting Blocks week 6

Will Drew gives us a taste of what he's been developing as part of Starting Blocks. Intrigued? Then we'll see you on 29 March at the Starting Blocks showcase. Public Radio is an experiment of sorts.  I can’t say very much about it.  Is this because I haven’t finished making it?  Possibly.  That would be a convenient excuse, wouldn’t it?  … Read more

Starting Blocks week 5

We check back in with Cassie and Reena from Cape Theatre and Rebecca Biscuit to see how the development of their shows are progressing. You can catch these works-in-progress, along with four others, on 29 March as part of the Starting Blocks showcase. Reena and Cassie from Cape Theatre catch us up to speed with We choose to go to the moon, which … Read more