Press release: Whose London Is It Anyway?

Whose London Is It Anyway?  A festival of new theatre exploring regeneration, the housing crisis, and the changing face of our city CAMDEN PEOPLE’S THEATRE, SAT 9 JANUARY – SUN 31 JANUARY PRESS NIGHT: THU 14 JANUARY, 7.30PM As artists ‘pop-up’ in abandoned shops, job centres turn into pubs, and garages sell for hundreds of thousands, Camden People’s Theatre asks: … Read more

Guest Blog: Grace Gibson

I never had the feet to be a Ballet Dancer and I was “not committed enough” to complete all of my Modern grades. As a child I performed as a Liquorice Allsort, a Russian Bull Fighter, a Butterfly-Catcher, and a Fisherwoman who loses an eel and then finds it down her back. I’ve been in a Jazz Band and part … Read more

Guest blog: Beta Public

When Pat and I are asked to talk about why we put together Beta Public, London’s only night of theatre and videogames, we’re tempted to talk about a lot of things. Like the similarities we see between theatre and gaming audiences, and why we’re frustrated they don’t talk to each other more. Like what each discipline can learn from the … Read more

Guest Blog: Cape Theatre

Cassie: Passion? I would give you 6 out of 10. I think you are quite passionate about most things, but only when you are interested in it. Reena: Oh, ok. Yup – that is fair. I would give you a six too. Presence? Cassie: Maybe a 5? Making theatre as a duo can be an interesting journey. Writing and devising … Read more

Guest Blog: Documental Theatre

“I did fuck it up, but my kids never had a day off, they were always in clean clothes and up in time for school.” -“Emma” Score is a jukebox musical about Heroin, friendship and child removal, unlikely though that sounds. It’s the story of best mates, Hannah and Kirsty, who grow up singing together. That’s how they connect, even … Read more

Guest Blog: Josh Coates

Camden People’s Theatre are running the first ever ‘Fitter, Happier, More Productive’ festival this November. I hope it’s the last.   …WAIT! Not like that. I realise the first sentence could be completely taken out of context, but hear me out. ‘Calm Down Dear’, a festival of feminist work, has grown over the past few years into a juggernaut of … Read more

Guest Blog: Brian Logan

Who gets the hump at happiness? What kind of curmudgeon opposes health and fitness? Reader, CPT is the grouch in question, and we’ve got a festival to prove it: ‘Fitter, Happier, More Productive’ runs for a week here next month. We conceived it partly in response to there being loads of ace work on the subject, and partly as a … Read more

Guest Blog: Urban Foxes

Check out this interview with Urban Foxes Collective ahead of their Edinburgh hit Be Better, which comes to CPT in November as part of Fitter Happier More Productive What inspired this production: did you begin with an idea or a script or an object? This show was inspired by an idea. The idea was to explore a particular brand of contemporary … Read more

Guest Blog: TheatreState

Jeremy Corbyn is sabotaging our show. The left wing love a good hero. When we started making Tribute Acts Labour had lost the election. Cheryl and I wanted to make something about the absence of any one to believe in anymore. We started by interviewing our dads. Both are vocal socialists and once great figures of inspiration to us, but as we grew … Read more

Guest blog: Owl Young

Guest Blog: Starting Blocks 2015 graduate Owl Young is on the blog this week, talking about sharing stories ahead of his show Iron M.A.M  – which comes to CPT next month. My dad died earlier this year. We weren’t particularly close, but recently we had begun to talk more. To share stories. Poetically, or perhaps just coincidentally, he lived long enough … Read more