Guest Blog: A grown up coffee morning

Armed with an enormous bag of cake, flapjacks, brownies and chocolate mini rolls, we headed into CPT this morning to takeover the building for our free Coffee & Cake morning, a key part of the development for our upcoming show, GROWN UP. One of our reasons for initiating GROWN UP was to ignite a dialogue between people of different generations. … Read more

Starting Blocks blog: Marion Burge

My piece is scaring me…. I care about it,  but I am constantly intimidated by it.  The basis for my performance experiment is space exploration and the search for worlds beyond our reach. The inspiration for my project comes from my personal experiences as a person of mixed race heritage, where there is always a subtle feeling of ‘otherness’. That said, My piece … Read more

Letting the city in

Our artistic director Brian Logan looks back at our ‘Whose London Is It Anyway?’ festival We’re no strangers to a lively crowd at CPT. But we’ve never before held a festival where it became pretty much the norm for audience members to interrupt, protest, and speechify; to join in and demand to be heard. All of which was, of course, … Read more

Guest blog: Mary Paterson

During our recent festival, Whose London Is It Anyway? , artists occupied our windows throughout the month. Over nine hours in the windows, Mary Paterson worked on the following project:   Feminist critical practices – at Camden People’s Theatre Initial thoughts from Diana Damian Martin Edits by Mary Paterson throughout Thursday 26th January, in the window of Camden People’s Theatre … Read more

Starting Blocks Blog: Philippa Hambly

KINKENS: WEEK THREE – KnowKnewNewNowNotKnotKnowKnewNewNowNotKnotKnow Kinkens is the Old Scots word for the evasive answers to the questions of overly curious children. Here’s a story we’re all familiar with – person is born, for some reason feels unsatisfied, lies down for a bit, feels unsatisfied. Learns to sit up, sits up and lies down, feels unsatisfied. Learns to walk, sits up, lies down and walks … Read more

Guest Blog: Maddy Costa in the windows

During the occupation of the kitchen window this week, Maddy Costa wrote this blog. You can read more of her blogs here. Rooms of my own As part of their Whose London Is It Anyway? season, Camden People’s Theatre have turned their window spaces into rooms – a toilet, a kitchen, a bedroom, a sitting room – and invited people … Read more

Guest Blog: FYSA

Hi there! I’m Helen! I’m one of the actors from FYSA theatre’s E15 which is coming to Camden People’s Theatre for Who’s London Is It Anyway? – and I can’t wait! As well as acting in it, I also co-wrote ‘E15’. But this is far less impressive, as the show isn’t really ‘written’ in the traditional sense of the word. … Read more