Guest Blog: Avital Raz on My Jerusalem

In 2012 I wrote a song called ‘The Edinburgh Surpriseʼ. It describes a drunken sexual encounter between an Israeli woman and a Palestinian man. I grew up in west Jerusalem in the 1980s. My childhood was shadowed by political events happening around the country: the first Intifada, the military response to it, the radicalisation of the Israeli right that led … Read more

Guest Blog Post: Stumble Trip Theatre are BACK and are talking all things Frills and Spills

Stumble Trip Theatre was created by Chloe and Grace in 2017 when they met at the Jacques Lecoq School, Paris. Their first show ‘Heather and Harry’ toured in the UK and internationally. “Boundlessly energetic Lecoq trained clowns… create a theatrical experience that is truly unique” (Three Weeks). They are currently developing their second show Frills and Spills – an “excellently … Read more