Guest blog: Owl Young

Guest Blog: Starting Blocks 2015 graduate Owl Young is on the blog this week, talking about sharing stories ahead of his show Iron M.A.M  – which comes to CPT next month. My dad died earlier this year. We weren’t particularly close, but recently we had begun to talk more. To share stories. Poetically, or perhaps just coincidentally, he lived long enough … Read more

Guest Blog: Rachael Clerke

Guest blog: Rachael Clerke takes over the blog ahead of her show Beton Brute, which comes to CPT in October.  I am at a busy mid-point in making my show, Béton Brute and the options are multiple, and the time is ticking, and I have started writing this blog post four times now. I have tried different lines of enquiry, themes, explanations, … Read more

Guest Blog: Racheal Ofori

Guest blog: Racheal Ofori on what feminism means to her. Racheal will be performing her solo show Portrait as part of Calm Down, Dear festival of feminism between 22-26 September. Feminism is quite the topical issue at the moment and rightly so. However, I feel like there is still a way to go in terms of cracking gender inequality. Having it in mainstream and pop … Read more

The Art of Darkness

Executive Director Amber Massie-Blomfield offers some personal reflections on the experience of sitting in a dark auditorium. When it comes to audience participation, I’ve got form. I’ve had my face painted like a clown; I’ve told my secrets to an actor over whiskey in a private booth; I’ve been bathed, fed and held. I’ve even danced naked on stage at … Read more

Guest Blog: CRANK! Theatre

Guest blog: CRANK Theatre take over the blog this week, ahead of their show Filmland! coming to Calm Down, Dear festival of feminism About the show Filmland! by CRANK Theatre is a fictional biography of Harriet Hartley, who appeared in the first film ever made, Louis le Prince’s Roundhay Garden Scene (1888) then vanished from history. Our story follows Harriet as she journeys to … Read more

Guest Blog: CrossLine Theatre

Guest blog: Natalia from CrossLine Theatre on porn and the industry, ahead of their show Cream Pie coming to Calm Down, Dear festival of feminism Kara Chamberlain and I founded CrossLine Theatre (CLT) in our home town of Edmonton, Canada in 2013. As a company, we explore feminism and the female experience of sex, sexual education, relationships, and day-to-day life. Our first production, Impurities, which premiered … Read more

Guest Blog : Amy Clare Tasker

Guest blog: Amy Clare Tasker  ahead of GAP Salon open space, part of Calm Down, Dear “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African proverb We can all agree that we still have a long way to go when it comes to gender equality, on stage and off. That’s not what I’d … Read more

Call out for guest performers

Call out for guest performers to take part in Louise Orwin’s A Girl and A Gun as part of Calm Down, Dear festival of feminism. About the show Last year, Louise started seeing girls and guns everywhere. She obsessed over them on YouTube, marvelled over them in music videos, felt a bit disgusted about them in video games, and tried not to see them in hardcore … Read more

On the Run – R&D

After two weeks in the basement at CPT, On the Run reflect on their R&D An hour before our scratch performance at Starting Blocks in March, I was a mess: under-rehearsed and petrified.   It was fine, of course.  It always is.  And having spent three months developing Tell Me Anything  (then called Kate) as part of Starting Blocks, I’d stumbled through … Read more

Guest blog: Katy Dye

Guest blog: Katy Dye ahead of her show Baby Face, part of Calm Down, Dear Making a performance is the perfect way to put a magnifying glass up to the world around you. Babyface was born of a simple project: I decided to start taking pictures of advertisements I saw around me in which women appeared to be infantilized. I … Read more