Starting Blocks: Elisabeth Carlile

Elisabeth Carlile writes about the later stages of the ten-week process of creating her brand new performance, ‘Hush Now My Darling’, for our Starting Blocks showcase on Sat 19 March. I wouldn’t necessarily say I am a hoarder. I tend to have a clear-out fairly frequently and if I don’t need it, it goes. Except when it comes to any … Read more

Guest Blog: Afreena Islam

Hello, I’m Afreena, and I’m bringing my show Daughters of the Curry Revolution to the Surma Centre in Camden, as part of CPT’s Sprint 2016. The show is about my dad, Michael. He’s 84 and confused. My mum’s in Mecca until the day before my show opens (great timing!) so I’m here in Manchester, hanging out with him. Where most … Read more

Guest Blog: Laika Theatre

Laika Theatre are over the moon to begin working on our show, Kick The Tin, part of Sprint 2016. Prior to jumping up on our feet, we felt the need to delve into relevant research and share our findings to form a pool of text/images/people, to give our content substance. For each member, we feel it most important to highlight … Read more

Guest Blog: Ali Matthews

    The Best of Both Worlds: A Busker’s Opera is Leo Burtin and my first show together, and it looks and feels very different from our respective solo practices. It started from conversations in pubs and at kitchen tables while setting the world to rights, and wanting to extend these into something more concrete that could invite other people … Read more

Guest Blog: Hannah Sullivan

Over the last month I have been collaborating with costume designer Annelies Henny to develop new performance work ‘With Force and Noise’. This project has been about exploring the emotion of anger and has taken me too many places, costume and radical craft being a particularly inspiring one. PERCEIVING ANGER THROUGH COSTUME Through working with costume I was led to … Read more

Guest Blog: Two Destination Language

“Physics is like sex: sure, it may give some practical results, but that’s not why we do it.” –Richard Feynman, physicist Beginnings are easy. Choosing one is hard. Choosing what follows is hard. Choosing, come to think of it, is what’s hard. We’re early on in our thinking around a new piece, and it’s a time to relish. We’re playing … Read more

Starting Blocks blog: Susan and Adam

First up, if you’ll allow us to blow our own trumpet(s) for a second, we are delighted to announce that our bid to Arts Council England National Lottery Grants for the Arts, for Matador(a), has been successful. The grant is not only a huge morale boost but also a very necessary financial boost that will allow us to fully commit … Read more

Guest blog: Laura Farnworth on the creation of ‘Calculating Kindness’

Laura is a director and theatre maker, Artistic Director of Undercurrent, and Associate Director of Shared Experience. For Undercurrent I am currently developing our new show, Calculating Kindness, which is based on the life of American evolutionary geneticist George Price, 1922 – 1975. Price is hardly known outside of evolutionary biology – yet his story illuminates important ideas and questions … Read more