Don’t hate the rich… be one of them!

We spoke to multi-millionaire Michael Green about his successful career in internet marketing. My name is Michael Green and I’m a multi-millionaire (alongside being the former alter-ego of Grant Shapps MP chairman of the Conservative Party…but I’d ask you to ignore that here)! The first question I get asked when people hear about my extensive wealth is ‘Michael, Michael, how did you make … Read more

Starting Blocks week 4

On the Run and Owl Young spoke to us about how they’ve been getting on in the rehearsal rooms, ahead of the Starting Blocks showcase on 29 March. David and Hannah from On the Run have been working on their project Kate. “A coming of age story about young love, punk music and trying to help someone get better” Here’s how their week … Read more

Starting Blocks week 3

Cape Theatre and Caretaker Ministry spoke to us about how they’ve been getting on in the rehearsal rooms, ahead of the Starting Blocks showcase on 29 March. Cape Theatre will be presenting We choose to go to the moon as part of the Starting Blocks showcase on 29 March. Their show is described as “Two performers strive for perfection. How do … Read more

Our artistic director reflects on 2014

Don Quijote. Fox Symphony. UK: RIP. And much more. A good year reviewed. 2014: how was it for you? It’s been a year of transformation for CPT: a great leap forward, even. And we’ve had too many theatrical adventures to mention. If you joined us on them – well, thank you. We’ve loved having you here! (It really wouldn’t be … Read more

Brothers of Justice R&D week

Joe and Lawrence on their week of development in our basement Another week beavering away in CPT’s Basement. This project always feels at home here, having started its life as part of Starting Blocks back in February. So much has changed in the work since then. We have been out on patrols all over London, we have met others from … Read more

Call for volunteers

Fuel call for volunteers Phenomenal People is a project which was conceived by Fuel to shine a light on women whose stories are not widely known. It’s a fun, participatory and special live and digital event, created in collaboration with a team of fantastic artists, that celebrates stories of inspiring women from all walks of life. Find out more about the project here: … Read more

10 second teaser with Rachael Clerke

We chat to Rachael Clerke ahead of her work-in-progress show How to… Braveheart, as part of UK:RIP What is the show about? The show is about Scotland. And about me. It’s about my relationship with the place where I grew up, and my rejection of the word ‘Scottish’. It’s about trying to find ways to accept that word, and to … Read more

10 second teaser for Fanny Hill v2.0

We chatted to Tess and Cheryl from TheatreState about The Fanny Hill Project v2.0, landing at CPT next week. What is the show about? The Fanny Hill Project v2.0 explores Tess’ experience of working in a foot fetish club (to fund an arts internship) alongside an eighteenth century porno account of a young woman’s life as a prostitute. We use drinking … Read more

An interview with Superbolt Theatre

We chat to the guys from Superbolt Theatre to find out more about Centralia and The Uncanny Valley, coming to CPT this week. What are the shows about? The Uncanny Valley is about a man and a robot who fall in love. Centralia sees the last three remaining inhabitants of Centralia, Pennsylvania put on a show about their curious lives and the disaster … Read more