Guest Blog : Amy Clare Tasker

Guest blog: Amy Clare Tasker  ahead of GAP Salon open space, part of Calm Down, Dear “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African proverb We can all agree that we still have a long way to go when it comes to gender equality, on stage and off. That’s not what I’d … Read more

Call out for guest performers

Call out for guest performers to take part in Louise Orwin’s A Girl and A Gun as part of Calm Down, Dear festival of feminism. About the show Last year, Louise started seeing girls and guns everywhere. She obsessed over them on YouTube, marvelled over them in music videos, felt a bit disgusted about them in video games, and tried not to see them in hardcore … Read more

On the Run – R&D

After two weeks in the basement at CPT, On the Run reflect on their R&D An hour before our scratch performance at Starting Blocks in March, I was a mess: under-rehearsed and petrified.   It was fine, of course.  It always is.  And having spent three months developing Tell Me Anything  (then called Kate) as part of Starting Blocks, I’d stumbled through … Read more

Guest blog: Katy Dye

Guest blog: Katy Dye ahead of her show Baby Face, part of Calm Down, Dear Making a performance is the perfect way to put a magnifying glass up to the world around you. Babyface was born of a simple project: I decided to start taking pictures of advertisements I saw around me in which women appeared to be infantilized. I … Read more

Guest Blog : Permanently Visible

Guest blog: Jenny from Permanently Visible The Ed Fringe looming, I’m sat on a packed East Coast train from London back to my native Edinburgh.  In the blissful yet disconcertingly ‘quiet coach’ I have a moment to reflect.  Of course, I should be sending all those last minute press and industry invites but I’m sorry, £4.95 an hour for Wifi?! You can take … Read more

An Open Letter to Elizabeth Day

A response to Elizabeth Day’s column about theatre in this Sunday’s Observer. Jamal Harewood’s ‘The Privileged’   Dear Elizabeth, On Sunday you wrote a column about how much you dislike theatre. You called it a ‘stilted, overrated art form’ – calling it out for being long, overpriced and dated. I think you’ve been going to the wrong theatres. The theatre you talk … Read more


A response from Coney's Tassos Stevens to the UK General Election on 7th May 2015. A movement to create a confident progressive alternative to the dictating ideology of these precarious times. An assertion of imagination and loveliness to counter a culture of fear and uncertainty. Not party political and free for anyone to draw inspiration. A complement to all the … Read more

Republica blog

REPUBLICA in Granada We had a good idea of the overall structure of the piece at this point, but there was a whole middle section to work out, the theme of which was ‘The Pact of Silence’ or ‘Dancing is Forbidden’. We arrived on ‘El día de las Cruces’ (the day of The Cross), and were told that the Albaycín, where we were staying, … Read more

Greyscale director Selma Dimitrijevic on how Gods Are Fallen And All Safety Gone was created

Greyscale director Selma Dimitrijevic on how Gods Are Fallen And All Safety Gone was created Gods Are Fallen And All Safety Gone comes to CPT for three weeks from 12 – 31 May. Take a look at the trailer here.   What was it about the parent/child relationship that interested you most? Probably the fact that everyone has experience of it in one way … Read more