Guest Blog: Eden Harbud on Developing ‘Burning Tails’

In this blog post, Eden Harbud talks about the challenges of developing a solo show with limited sources. Don’t miss Burning Tails on Friday March 23 at 9pm as part of Sprint 2018. Get your tickets here. Making Burning Tails (23rd March #Sprint18 #plugplugplug), was my first process of creating a solo show. It’s been a very long process, mainly … Read more

Guest Blog: Mengting Zhuo – Why you should stop going to theatres and watch Periscop

In this blog post, Mengting Zhuo talks about the emerging platform of Periscope and compares the digital performance with live theatre performance. Don’t miss Together Friday March 16 at 7:15 PM as part of Sprint 2018. Get your tickets here. Why you should stop going to theatres and watch Periscope by Mengting Zhuo   If you spot this article then you’re probably … Read more

Guest Blog: The Inspiration behind Closed Doors

In this blog post, Belle Jones writes about how their neighborhood inspired their latest piece, Closed Doors. Don’t miss it at CPT as part of our Sprint 2018 Festival. Get your tickets here. Although Closed Doors is a fictional piece, it was inspired by real life events. While living in one of the most vibrant yet notorious areas of Glasgow … Read more

Guest Blog: Holly Gallagher chats Cosplay, Community and Consent.

In this blog post, Holly Gallagher talks about what inspired the show Before(the line is lost), the cosplay community and most importantly consent. Before(the line is lost) comes to CPT Tuesday 6th March as part of Sprint Festival. Get your tickets here. Hello lovely reader, potential audience member, and (maybe even?) friend! My name is Holly Gallagher, I’m a theatre maker/director/facilitator (one … Read more