Gemma Brockis Talks to Run Riot About An Execution

This is the second show I’ve made in one year where someone is beheaded. And I’ve made this show before (2002), so I’m beginning to wonder if I’m obsessed. It’s coincidence (Nabokov’s Invitation to a Beheading and The history of the English Civil War are both about a lot more than someone’s head being chopped off) but also, there is something about the public … Read more

As Fringe mania kicks in – here’s our top tips!

The skirl of the pipes. A slippery combination underfoot of puddles, cobbles and pulped flyers. And what’s that disconcerting malty smell? It can only be the Edinburgh fringe, to which the indie theatre world relocates in August as surely as salmon swimming upstream or Britain’s Brexit plans returning to a state of chaos. CPT will be there, trying to forget … Read more

GUEST BLOG: Blackcatfishmusketeer – Silly Titles and Depicting The Internet

You’re probably wondering about the title. Fair. The starting point for Blackcatfishmusketeer was me being a bit obsessed with the story of Cyrano. Ignoring the swordfights and tricking people into marriages, it’s a story about people who are afraid that the better you know them the less you’ll love them; that’s a theme that doesn’t get old. They disguise themselves, … Read more

GUEST BLOG: What is [insert slogan here] really about? by Sam Ward

[insert slogan here] is a show about objects. Consumer objects specifically. By which I mean mass-produced objects. Mass-produced objects that are then given meaning by the narratives they’re placed within. Narratives which we all agree with. An iPhone comes in a variety of colours so that you can express your individuality. Because individuality is an important thing we should all aim … Read more

Guest Blog: Theodora van der Beek

In this blog post, Theodora van der Beek writes about her character, The Bearded Lady, coming out as a cis female and what that means in our society. Don’t miss The Adventures of the Bearded Lady on April 4-5 at 7:15pm. Get your tickets here.  The Adventures of the Bearded Lady is about a bearded lady with a shameful secret … Read more