Guest Blog Post: Charlotte Mcshane and Sebastian H-W get together and discuss what it means to be a solo aritst.

Why do you make solo work? (Do you hate people?) [SEB] So I don’t hate people as much as it sounds! I like making solo work, makes it sound like you’re a complete misanthropist. I’m not. No, I make solo work, mostly because I worked in a performance collective for many years, called Cluster Bomb Collective, from about 2009 to … Read more

Guest Blog Post: The Scrappy Young Sister called Gig Theatre

I feel like there are two types of people: the whole albumers and the shufflers. I sit firmly in that last category. Mainly because I don’t feel like I deserve to listen to a whole album. Like, that’s a treat. That’s for the put together people. That’s the ‘let’s entertain the guests at Christmas’ kind of people. Aspirational. Us shufflers, … Read more

Guest Blog Post: Eight things that inspired Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow

EXPERIMENTAL PROTOTYPE COMMUNITY OF TOMORROW, the show created by Hannah Batt and I, is about imagining the future. It uses spoken text, music and found objects as prompts for the audience to imagine a positive future. It’s hard to think about the future. The current political/environmental situation doesn’t inspire much hope. A lot of the most talked about art of … Read more

Guest Blog Post: Emma Gannon and Bryony Harris on creating PLASTICA GALACTICA

We are Plastica Gals! (aka Emma Gannon and Bryony Harris!) ABOUT THE SHOW We’re bringing our BRAND NEW piece, ‘Plastica Galactica’ to SPRINT Festival on March 5th! Excited is an understatement! Plastica Galactica is a live art performance that explores our relationship to plastic pollution. The show begins quite tasked-based for example, suffocating in a plastic bag. The show is … Read more

Guest Blog: Avital Raz on My Jerusalem

In 2012 I wrote a song called ‘The Edinburgh Surpriseʼ. It describes a drunken sexual encounter between an Israeli woman and a Palestinian man. I grew up in west Jerusalem in the 1980s. My childhood was shadowed by political events happening around the country: the first Intifada, the military response to it, the radicalisation of the Israeli right that led … Read more

Guest Blog Post: Stumble Trip Theatre are BACK and are talking all things Frills and Spills

Stumble Trip Theatre was created by Chloe and Grace in 2017 when they met at the Jacques Lecoq School, Paris. Their first show ‘Heather and Harry’ toured in the UK and internationally. “Boundlessly energetic Lecoq trained clowns… create a theatrical experience that is truly unique” (Three Weeks). They are currently developing their second show Frills and Spills – an “excellently … Read more