Get to know our Outside the Box artists!

About Pigfoot Pigfoot is a multi award-winning theatre company, dedicated to making collaborative, carbon-neutral theatre. We make devised work with & for those grappling with the climate and ecological crisis, as well as running workshops for schools, young people and theatre-makers. Our theatre ‘practices what it preaches’ (The Sunday Times on Pigfoot) & protests from within an industry which, in … Read more

Rap: A Shared Language for Empowerment and Therapy – by John Akinde

Rap for many people, comes with different connotations. However, It is very easy to find voices that associate rap with profanity, misogyny, violence and criminal activity – they criminalised rap because of its relation with gang culture. Rap in its essence, is a method of vocal delivery on a beat, standing for rhythm and poetry – these two concepts collide … Read more

Artist2Artist: Anna Morrissey “It’s OK To Do Nothing”

Read ‘Funny Weather: Art in an Emergency’ by Olivia Lang. I highly recommend it to everyone. Its foreword alone is worth the read and is a wonderful testimony to the power of and the need for art. “We are so often told that art can’t really change anything. But I think it can. It shapes our ethical landscapes; it opens … Read more

Reflecting on our 2020

Phew! What a year. We are – as we’re sure you are – glad to be putting it behind us. 2020 was immensely challenging for CPT and the cultural sector. We know that not everyone in our industry is still standing at the end of this tumultuous year, and they are in our thoughts. We know our artists continue to … Read more

Camden People’s Theatre announces appointment of Isobel Colchester as Chair of the Board

Kate McGrath steps down after eight-year tenure Camden People’s Theatre is delighted to announce the appointment of Isobel Colchester as chair of its board of trustees. Isobel is Chief Executive of the poetry promoter Poet in the City. Isobel’s appointment comes after a short transitional period as co-chair with Kate McGrath, who now steps down. Director of the independent producers … Read more

Rosie MacPherson on SBC Theatre and the next 10 years

Alright? My names Rosie MacPherson, I’m Artistic Director of Stand and be Counted (SBC) Theatre – we are incredibly proud to be the UK’s first Theatre Comany of Sanctuary, committed to making work with people seeking sanctuary. This month we turn 10 years old! PARDY WOO. It’s a strange time to reach such a milestone. Anyone making their own work, … Read more

Conrad Murray on Dreams & Streams

In the time of Covid19, when artists and venues have lost ways in which to show performance and create experiences for audiences, it is a perfect time to experiment with the platforms that establishments have but aren’t using. Me and Paul wanted to create something which was a platform for artists to show what they could do, using these underused … Read more

Camden People’s Theatre announces new commissions to support artists and the local community

Newly secured Paul Hamlyn Foundation funding will be granted to nineteen artists creating new work, with emphasis on marginalised voices Projects will explore what ‘live’ can be in the era of social distancing – and will be selected with input from a new community panel Ongoing collaboration with charity Food For All to provide emergency supplies for local community Best … Read more