Guest Blog: Lucy Bell talks about Hot Flushes

In 2016 high street chain British Home Stores was closing down. The pensions of 22,000 BHS employees were in jeopardy because the pension fund had been allowed to go into debt during the chain’s ownership by Sir Phil Green, a man described by some as “the unacceptable face of capitalism”. This seemed to me an appalling state of affairs. People … Read more

Guest Blog: Nancy Ofori Geywu on Kind of Woman

Kind of Woman was born out of anger and confusion when I fully realised the abusive nature of a past relationship. The strange things that had happened began to resurface and I understood that the way that I’d been treated and made to feel incredibly uncomfortable and unsure of myself, was not okay. I never thought that playing around, exploring … Read more

Guest Blog: Emily Howarth on Breakup Songs

Writing a solo show may seem GLAM and COOL and many other punchy 4 letter words – but in reality most of the writing process, for me at least, has been just sitting behind my laptop doing hours of research and devising that may or may not be helpful or interesting. Which is why I would like to take this … Read more

TRANSPARENCY: A female gorilla’s journey to the stage

I wanted to write about our show, Are There Female Gorillas?, about its importance, its themes of body hair and female bodies, its humour and absurdism. But I started to think about the process and the development of this piece of joyful weirdness, and that is its own very important story. We’ve probably all read Lyn Gardner’s article by now. … Read more

Guest Blog: Sarah Sigal on creating “The Vanishing”

When my long-term collaborator Becca Dunn and I saw the call out for CPT’s 2019 Calm Down Dear Festival, we thought it was a perfect opportunity to make a new show—it’s a festival of feminist performance, we’re feminist theatre-makers. We would start with the proposal of an idea before we had a script or even a full story. We hadn’t … Read more