Guest Blog: Just Don’t Do It: Women, Sex, and the Church

Beside Ourselves Collective is Eleanor Young and Kate Mounce. They performed an extract of Just Don’t Do It as a part of CPT’s Hotbed Fest in May. They are brimming with excitement to bring the full show back after a two-week run at Edinburgh Free Fringe this year. Below Kate talks about why sex and the Church has been an … Read more

Guest Blog: Finding my way, home by Cairo Nevitt

Cairo Nevitt, a performer in BULLISH by Milk Presents, gives an insight into the creative process so far and how it relates to their own personal journey.  BULLISH  headlines Come As You Are: our latest festival of trans, nonbinary and gender queer theatre.  As production week approaches I feel nervous and excited that Bullish will be opening in London and at the CPT!  My … Read more

Dragging Up by Beck Glendenning-Laycock

Becky from Bonnie and The Bonnettes gives an insight into their creative process and what it means to be a ‘drag queen’ ahead of Drag Me To Love, which arrives at CPT on Tue 19 Sept as part of Come As You Are: three weeks of trans, nonbinary and gender queer theatre.    We are Hattie Eason, Becky Glendenning-Laycock, Cameron Sharp, … Read more

Guest Blog: Al Orange, Milk Presents

Milk Presents’ Production Manager Al Orange shares some thoughts about the development of Bullish, which comes to CPT in October and headlines our new festival Come As You Are. Finding my Minatour  Working with Milk Presents brings forwards particular challenges for a Production Manager.  The process sits somewhere on a constantly moving scale between, devised and scripted work, as delightfully … Read more

Autumn season press release

Autumn/Winter 2017 at CPT Brand new in-house production Fog Everywhere headlines Shoot the Breeze, a line-up of environmental themed work Major new festival exploring gender identities, Come As You Are London premiere of Barrel Organ’s Anyone’s Guess How We Got Here CPT is thrilled to announce a five-month season of cutting-edge new theatre from the UK’s most exciting emerging artists. … Read more

An update on our in-house show

Great ideas for theatre shows can start to feel less great when they come into contact with reality – and at CPT, we were aware that our new project, Fog Everywhere, could easily fall into that category. The plan was to make a theatre show that invited young Londoners to articulate their feelings about growing up in a city that’s poisoning … Read more

CPT at Edinburgh Fringe 2017

Are you Edinburgh-bound? The festival looms so large over CPT’s world of theatre, we’re prone to forgetting that not everyone’s summer revolves around flirting with bankruptcy in the rain-soaked Scottish capital. For the artists we work with, the Fringe often takes on an almost magical significance: it’s an initiation rite for first-time artists and companies, it’s where careers – and new … Read more

Guest Blog: Saskia Osterloff

Twitter, Tickets and Tea: The Life of a CPT Intern Have you ever been locked out of your email account for sending too many emails at once? I have. Five times. Now answer me this: Have you ever trapped yourself in window display because you made it look absolutely perfect and artistically beautiful but then realised you’d blocked the tiny … Read more

Guest Blog: London Baby! by Gracefool Collective

So we’re on the road again – though it’s just a little short one his time – heading to London and Camden People’s Theatre on 27-28 May, after performing on our home turf Leeds on the 26th. I’m sure you all have heard by now, but we’ll be heading to Edinburgh in August to do a FULL RUN AT THE … Read more