Guest Blog: Hassan Govia on BIGOT

Does calling someone else a ‘bigot’ make you a bigot because you can’t accept that they’re a bigot? Confused? You should be. And given the mind-boggling way in which our show chooses to tackle this question, you probably will be. Much like the question itself, Bigot is a play that capitalises on wordplay and absurdism to interrogate the cyclical nature … Read more

Guest Blog: Nikhil Vyas on Progress

The starting point for Progress was the feeling of failure- of the perpetual anxiety and misery that has spread like a pandemic amongst young people in contemporary society- and of wanting to make something that in some way embodied or expressed this. But a lot of the thinking and discussion in our early rehearsals seemed to gravitate towards friendship. I … Read more

Guest Blog: Saviour

In January of this year, a couple of my favourite theatre makers came together to do a night of weird live art, performance stuff based off the work of Charli XCX. It was wild. Some people got bloody noses, told us how they wanted to fuck cars and at the end we all danced with the audience on the stage. … Read more