GUEST BLOG: Blackcatfishmusketeer – Silly Titles and Depicting The Internet

You’re probably wondering about the title. Fair. The starting point for Blackcatfishmusketeer was me being a bit obsessed with the story of Cyrano. Ignoring the swordfights and tricking people into marriages, it’s a story about people who are afraid that the better you know them the less you’ll love them; that’s a theme that doesn’t get old. They disguise themselves, … Read more

GUEST BLOG: What is [insert slogan here] really about? by Sam Ward

[insert slogan here] is a show about objects. Consumer objects specifically. By which I mean mass-produced objects. Mass-produced objects that are then given meaning by the narratives they’re placed within. Narratives which we all agree with. An iPhone comes in a variety of colours so that you can express your individuality. Because individuality is an important thing we should all aim … Read more

Guest Blog: Theodora van der Beek

In this blog post, Theodora van der Beek writes about her character, The Bearded Lady, coming out as a cis female and what that means in our society. Don’t miss The Adventures of the Bearded Lady on April 4-5 at 7:15pm. Get your tickets here.  The Adventures of the Bearded Lady is about a bearded lady with a shameful secret … Read more