Blog Post with Haley McGee: From Stage to Page

But first let me tell you about the show…  The idea came to me while I was on the phone with Visa, promising to pay off my bill my having a yard sale. Then I looked around my apartment and realised, the only things I could sell had all been given to me by my exes. But when I thought about … Read more

Theatre and Me… by Kate Harwood

I feel really torn about ‘Theatre’. Most people think of what I call the ‘top end’ of theatre – plays and musicals in the West End. I can’t deny that a performance at say the National Theatre can be thought provoking and immersive but I have always been aware of the disparity between those able to afford the ticket prices … Read more

No Future All the Time by Timothy Trimingham Lee

For over a year now in the UK, for many of us, our experience of time has both attenuated and expanded. Amidst the wrenching tragedy of the greatest crisis to beset the country since World War II, the past has come to occlude the present. When the future remains so uncertain, memories rush in. As the poet Jenny Joseph observes, … Read more

Artist2Artist: Kelly Jones & Self-Care

Artists! I’ve been told I can be really hard on myself. I don’t take breaks and I ain’t good at self-care. I have only recently realised that self-care is a part of my job, thanks to lockdown… During lockdown I felt proper lazy, and Twitter helped me verify that. It seemed like everyone in ‘theatre world’ was seeing all the … Read more

CPT Digital: six months and counting…

Written by Brian Logan, Artistic Director of Camden People’s Theatre After the theatres closed last March, CPT didn’t immediately join the rush to digital. We didn’t want to add to the pressure on artists – already anxious for their livelihoods – by implying they should be making work, immediately, in a whole new artform. Also, we didn’t know if we … Read more

The Not-God Complex on Inclusion & Working Towards an Inclusive Practice

When we formed The Not-God Complex, as a collective that could serve to link together a selection of collaborative projects, the first issue we encountered was what to name ourselves. We asked ourselves – well what is this about? We threw out jokes about wanting to be an antidote to the patriarchal approaches to performance we were encountering in our … Read more

Pigfoot: Making Carbon-Neutral Theatre

We’re Pigfoot- the first carbon-neutral theatre company in the UK. We make carbon-neutral theatre by generating our own electricity, often live on stage, and ensuring all production materials are borrowed, upcycled, or bought second-hand. You can find out lots more about how we make carbon neutral work here. We’ve been making carbon-neutral theatre for over 3 years now, but there’s … Read more

Get to know our Seed Commissioned artists!

About Terri Jade Donovan I’m a disabled and hard of hearing actor and writer from Manchester. Currently a Creative Associate at Jermyn Street Theatre and a 2021 graduating actor at the Lir Academy. On my time off from the theatre at the moment you’ll probably find me taking long walks and eating a lot of cake. What inspired you to … Read more

Anna Morrissey on Creating North West

Between 1992-1999, I went to North Westminster Community School (NWCS) – a huge comprehensive school lodged between the West Way and the Paddington Basin. Both brilliant and sometimes brutal, it’s an impossible place to describe. I always knew that there was something uniquely interesting and bold about this inner London experiment in liberal education. It was filled with idealism and … Read more

Lucy Dear on her Journey to Creating ‘All In Your Head’

“Where are all the women?!” was the battle cry to my father and the TV during football matches, my protests later graduating to joining the boys’ only football team. In my tertiary days, my first solo performance was a commentary on women’s beauty rituals, where I prepared myself as a Christmas turkey in a one-woman show as a statement about … Read more