Guest Blog: The Promised Land

  I’ve never been able to afford therapy but I’ve always had this all-consuming drive to put images together on a stage.  My early work was abstract and focused on atmosphere and the moving body, but this has developed into the telling of stories and the poignancy of words, as well as images. I wasn’t always aware that I was … Read more

Guest Blog: A Closer Look at ‘Here Comes The Sun’

Here Comes The Sun is a promise, an inevitable destination. It’s a work which puts non-binary politics into adjacency with climate catastrophe and populates the gaps with fantasies, desires, memories and dreams in ways that are hopeful and pessimistic, sarcastic and sincere. It’s not, contrary to some, a Beatles Jukebox Musical – sorry. The 15 million degree question at the … Read more

On Running Away…

By Ryan O’Shea I am always inspired by objects when making theatre – I really like physically picking stuff up and having a good ole’ play with it. I R A N started in my mind with a treadmill – there was something about running really fast but being completely still that captured my imagination. I started to think about … Read more

I Need to Cher – Unashamedly Believing in Life After Love

I Need to Cher is a five-part induction course into why Cher is the most important pop icon of the 21st Century, culminating in a graduation ceremony where audience members ride cannons in little sailor hats and listen to Turn Back Time. Combining, drag, dance, wrestling, comedy, and an extensively researched power point presentation spanning six decades – I Need … Read more

Guest Blog: We Could Be Heroes… Just For One Day.

This is a work in progress. Not because it’s not finished. But because it will never be finished. This began 5 years ago. The began 3 years ago. This began 1 year ago. This began 6 months ago. This began last weekend. Every time we do this show it’s different. It’s written anew. With new people, new stories, new issues, … Read more

Guest Blog: (Re) Learning How To Swim

I dreamed of being an author but anything I wrote never felt complete until it was shared, out loud. I spent ten years reciting three minute poems behind microphones, but could never stand still. I had the job I thought I always wanted but spent every morning with “what if, what if, what if” playing through my brain to the … Read more