Guest Blog: London Baby! by Gracefool Collective

So we’re on the road again – though it’s just a little short one his time – heading to London and Camden People’s Theatre on 27-28 May, after performing on our home turf Leeds on the 26th. I’m sure you all have heard by now, but we’ll be heading to Edinburgh in August to do a FULL RUN AT THE … Read more

Guest Blog: O Thou Great Redeemer; Will Your Anchor Hold? by Paul Haworth & David G. Lees

“Hello, you must be Robot. Please come in…” People deal with break-ups differently. David’s process: lots of sex and buy an organ. In the seven years he’s lived in London, David has owned six organs. These are Victorian Bellow organs, they’re huge. “I love my organ! And no, that isn’t a euphemism…” After the most recent break-up, David moved to … Read more

Guest blog: Snowballing

  On 14 Apr 2017, Greg Wohead wrote: I guess I wanted to start with some of what feels to me like the more obvious concerns and slight stresses I have around making Snowballing. I think it’s fair to say that this project is a continuation of a conversation we have been having between us for the past two-ish years … Read more

Guest blog: What Tammy Found Out: Six on Sex and Elders

I’m Tammy WhyNot, country-western star turned lesbian performance artist, and I’ve been going all over everywhere trying to learn about getting older and having sex. I’m comin’ up to seventy myself and I’ve been noticing some things startin’ to change for me, so I wanted to talk to other people about what they thought about ageing and sex, intimacy, relationships, … Read more

Guest blog: Luca Rutherford

Politics…Confused? Pissed Off? Pleased? None Of The Above? None Of The Above is a theatre show in the making about politics. Yup, that’s right, I’m taking on politics. Reinventing politics. Making it fun and simple to understand. How I do this…I’m not sure yet. I’ve only started making it. All I know is this Friday 28th April I will be … Read more