Guest Blog: Designing Order and Chaos for Devised Theatre

There are no hard and fast rules for designing theatre sets. Sometimes I prepare a model box months in advance of start of rehearsals, sometimes I design throughout the rehearsal period itself. With Gwei Mui we started with a script that was based on several weeks of research and development, some of which I attended to get a feel for … Read more

Kaya Stanley-Money talks about the Come As You Are Festival Tour

In 2017, Camden People’s Theatre presented the Come as you are festival of trans, non-binary and gender-queer work. It attracted an appreciative LGBT+ audience and taught us a lot about working with, and for, that community. Subsequently, we designed a touring version with the strategic aim of supporting venues to improve the LGBT+ diversity of both their programming and audiences. We partnered … Read more

Gur Arie Piepskovitz on ReVisions

I started researching for ReVisions in 2017. I wrote it in chunks and finished it a year later. Then rewrote it again and again, had a run in July, got feedback, rewrote it again and now I’m about to see the second version come to life. Below are general, concrete and baby insights into this project As a Gay Jewish … Read more

Guest Blog: How to Create an Autobiographical Solo Show

I first fell in love with performance when I popped my Edinburgh Fringe virginity three years ago. I fell hard. I felt like an emotional, hot-blooded, endorphin-seeking teenager – except I wasn’t chasing kicks from sex and drugs – I was just a little bit high on #art. Solo shows especially I couldn’t get enough of. I didn’t understand why … Read more

Guest Blog: The Rise of the Unicorn

It started from a realisation that I was seeing unicorns everywhere I went. And then, more and more I noticed them. Unicorns were blowing up. On instagram and youtube, people dressing as them, creating looks inspired by them, trying products themed after them. And increasingly they became a marketing dream as the phenomenon took off. Paperchase filled its windows with … Read more

GUEST BLOG: The Mathematics of Love

What is it like to direct a solo performance? There’s quite a lot of responsibility you feel, directing someone’s solo performance – especially when it’s a piece like this one, where the details are drawn directly from the creator’s life. I feel a duty to Haley, and to the gentlemen featured in this piece, to be respectful, thoughtful, and multi-faceted … Read more

Guest Blog: People, Priorities and Power

Welcome to the 21st century, I’m going to begin this article with a selection of headlines from the BBC News, all published in the last month. ‘Extra £420 Million to tackle potholes in England’ ‘Couples embrace move to outdoor weddings’ ‘Fairer share in UK fish promised’ Absolute classics, I’m sure you will agree, but of course, we cannot forget the … Read more