Guest Blog: The Rise of the Unicorn

It started from a realisation that I was seeing unicorns everywhere I went. And then, more and more I noticed them. Unicorns were blowing up. On instagram and youtube, people dressing as them, creating looks inspired by them, trying products themed after them. And increasingly they became a marketing dream as the phenomenon took off. Paperchase filled its windows with … Read more

GUEST BLOG: The Mathematics of Love

What is it like to direct a solo performance? There’s quite a lot of responsibility you feel, directing someone’s solo performance – especially when it’s a piece like this one, where the details are drawn directly from the creator’s life. I feel a duty to Haley, and to the gentlemen featured in this piece, to be respectful, thoughtful, and multi-faceted … Read more

Guest Blog: People, Priorities and Power

Welcome to the 21st century, I’m going to begin this article with a selection of headlines from the BBC News, all published in the last month. ‘Extra £420 Million to tackle potholes in England’ ‘Couples embrace move to outdoor weddings’ ‘Fairer share in UK fish promised’ Absolute classics, I’m sure you will agree, but of course, we cannot forget the … Read more

Guest Blog: Daughters of the Sun: Unpredictability, Illness and Theatre

This blog post sounds best as it was written, to the sound of Rata Negra’s belting new record Justicia Cósmica ( There’s a terrifying scene in Paulette Douglas’s fun documentary The TEAM Makes a Play, recounting the creation of The TEAM’s show Mission Drift. Whilst the company are (I think) in Las Vegas, director Rachel Chavkin has had to go to the emergency … Read more

Guest Blog: Why The Cocoa Butter Club Is Needed More Now Than Ever

Started as a protest against the lack of diversity on stage, cultural appropriation injustices, and archaic yet prevelant black-facing, The Cocoa Butter Club has been standing up for the art of creatives of colour. Founded by Sadie Sinner The Songbird, the show centres non-white bodies in a time where many stage productions lack the full spectrum of diversity. Providing a … Read more

Guest Blog: The Stories Behind Adventures in Black and White

Our Grandparents were forced to leave their homes behind as children. They started a new life in a foreign country, losing family along the way, separated from one or more parent. They each coped with this in their own way, including a natural dose of suppression. Or stoicism, depending on how you look at it. Our parents, and, specifically in … Read more