UNPACK: What’s in store

Want to find out what to expect in Unpack? – we hear from Glen and Neil about what they've got in store for us. 

Hi Glen, hi Neil! Very much looking forward to Unpack being part of Sprint this year. In 5 words, what can we expect to see on 28 – 29 March?

First go at unpacking Unpack


This is a work in progress show. How did come up with the idea for Unpack, and how are you developing it?

Glen: We originally spoke about working together on a publishing venture, we share a love of unlikely literature. But slowly the project morphed into a piece for theatre. In an earlier incarnation, manifest as a game show called The Degeneration Game, more attractive versions of ourselves would argue over various versions of human history and illustrate our points with reference to relics passing by in front of the audience on a conveyor belt.

Neil: Yeah, we talked a lot. Then we stopped talking and started to do some work.


Sounds exciting. What reaction are you hoping to get from the audience?

Lots of clapping and cheering.


What are the main themes of the performance?

The price of memory in pounds and pence.


You're right at the end of the festival – are there any other shows that stike your fancy in Sprint?

Neil: Greg McLaren is atomic.

Glen: Christopher Brett Bailey's This Is How We Die. Search Party performed in Romcom (my show with Rotozaza), last year and I'd like to see what they've been up to.


You can see Unpack on in a double bill with Rove on 28th, and Ur Rain I Um on 29th.