Starting Blocks week 6

Will Drew gives us a taste of what he's been developing as part of Starting Blocks. Intrigued? Then we'll see you on 29 March at the Starting Blocks showcase.

Public Radio is an experiment of sorts.  I can’t say very much about it.  Is this because I haven’t finished making it?  Possibly.  That would be a convenient excuse, wouldn’t it?  Okay.  I’ll give you something.  There’s an audience.  They enter a space.  It’s a dark windowless space with speakers and artificial lighting and seats.  You might have been to one of these places before. 

Each of them has a unique piece of information, handed them by an usher on the way in.  The usher has not been briefed.  All they have been told is to hand these out.  They are not in on this.  If the audience wants to know what to do, they need to listen to a voice.  They can’t see the person behind the voice and won’t necessarily know if that person is there or not.  I can’t say if they are.  I can tell you that the person on the sound desk is not in on this either though.  They, like the usher, are simply following instructions.   

What else can I tell you?  There will be tea.  Tea for everyone.  No cake though, or biscuits.  If you want biscuits, bring your own.  The voice won’t just be talking either.  Oh no, the voice will be spinning some tunes.  Not spinning.  Curating.  Good tunes though.  You’ll like them.  They’ll get you in the mood.  You, the audience.  Oh it’s okay to take off your shoes by the way.  Possibly even encouraged.  The floor is cleaned regularly.   Don’t worry.  Really. 

Everything’s going to be okay.  Promise.  We’ve got this under control.   All you have to do is listen. Trust me.