Starting Blocks: Tanya Singh

It is now Starting Blocks Week….week…. week?
(I’m not sure which week it is – the last but one ? – my head’s spinning, I have lost my sense of time)
I’ve been thinking about etymology.
(how I feel, physically – can’t shake this fever)
(or maybe fuse ? I have the urge to set something alight)
(enact a ritual, or an exorcism, or a flight)
(cf. Norman Tebbit: I don’t even like cricket)
(mixing, jumbling, circulating, migrating: words, commodities, lives)
I’ve been thinking about running.
Running from.
Running to.
Running with.
Running away and ending up right back where you started.
I’ve also been thinking about the ouroboros, the snake that eats its own tail, its own tale.
I decide to make a storyboard. Here it is: