Spring 2016 at CPT

Spring 2016


  • London premiere of Will Adamsdale’s The Joke
  • The 20th annual Sprint festival of new and unusual theatre
  • The launch of Camden Youth Theatre
  • And much, much more…

With a brand new youth theatre, three festivals, four major premieres, and (almost) 100 shows from some of the most inspiring contemporary theatre makers in the UK, Spring at CPT guarantees to cater for all your theatrical desires…

Calculating Kindness (29 Mar – 16 Apr), a new co-production between CPT and Undercurrent, explores the extraordinary life of American scientist George Price (1922-75), who lived yards from CPT in Tolmers Square. Price formulated an equation widely acknowledged as the mathematical explanation for the evolution of altruism – something science had been trying to do since Darwin.  The magnitude of this discovery shook Price’s atheism to the core. Three years later, Price was discovered in a squat having taken his own life.

Edinburgh Comedy Award winner Will Adamsdale presents his new play The Joke (17 May – 4 June), featuring an Englishman, an Irish man and a Scotsman (CPT’s very own Brian Logan) who become trapped in a joke. The play explores humour, countries, life, and why we need them. The latest from the creator of Jacksons Way, The Victorian in the Wall and Borders.

Several shows take a sideways look at the impact of digital technology on our lives. Coney’s REMOTE (19 – 30 Apr) is a participatory exploration of the algorithms that make the internet tick. The ever popular Beta Public returns for Beta Public Presents (19 – 23 Apr), a series of wild and weird gaming/theatre crossover experiments, and Thomas Martin’s Human Basic (26 & 27 Apr) is a story-show that asks questions about identity, intimacy and communication, informed by the shifting pluralism of internet culture.

Venues and producers from across the UK take over the building as part of A Nation’s Theatre (3 – 19 May), a London wide celebration of theatre making across the nation. Arc Stockton, Derby Theatre and Buzzcut (Glasgow), curate a compelling line up of homegrown artists including the likes of Daniel Bye, Luca Rutherford, Ivo and Jack Britton. As part of A Nation’s Theatre, CPT partners with BAC to present All Tomorrow’s Theatre (19 May), a day exploring Artist Support programmes, with work from some of the most exciting platforms in the country.

The season features two major festivals. In January, Whose London Is It Anyway? (9 – 31 Jan) is a major festival of new work by early career theatre makers exploring the London housing crisis, the impact of regeneration, and the changing face of Europe’s only megacity, headlined by CPT’s in-house production, directed by Brian Logan, This is Private Property (13 – 30 Jan). And Sprint (3 – 26 Mar) returns, for the 20th annual celebration of the newest, most unusual festival, with highlights including Atres Bandes, Hannah Sullivan, Jamie Wood and lots more.          

Spring also sees CPT join forces with Fitzrovia Centre and New Diorama Theatre to launch Camden Youth Theatre, a new creative club for 13-19 year olds in the area.  The company will share their inaugural performance as part of Sprint 2016.

Press Contact & To Book Tickets: Amber at CPT 020 7419 4841 | [email protected]

Notes to Editors

About CPT

Camden People’s Theatre is a central London space dedicated year-round to supporting early-career artists – particularly those making work about issues that matter to people right now. Its mission is to refresh and strengthen the performance sector with a new generation of artists who bring a fresh perspective to contemporary concerns, and create new artistic forms with which to address them; and to present their work to a new generation of audiences.

www.cptheatre.co.uk | @camdenpt


VenueCamden People’s Theatre, 58-60 Hampstead Road, NW1 2PY
Dates & TimesSat 9 – Sun 31 January, various
Website & Box Officewww.cptheatre.co.uk | 020 7419 4841


Whose London Is It Anyway?                                         Sat 9 – Sun 31 January, various times

A festival of theatre, art, walks and talks exploring regeneration, the housing crisis, and the changing face of our city. With over 40 events throughout the month, artists include Annie Siddons, Richard DeDominici, Coney, Beats&Elements and Sh!t Theatre. We’re also partnering with Londonist on a series of talks about life in the city, and premiering our in-house production, This Is Private Property. Check out the website for more details.

Various prices


Sprint 2016                                                                   Tue 3 – Sat 26 March, various times


This March, Sprint returns: London’s biggest and best festival of the newest, most adventurous theatre from across the UK and beyond. Join us for our 19th annual celebration of all that’s bold, inventive and risk taking, with more than 35 new shows from emerging artists handpicked to inspire, surprise and entertain.

This year’s line up includes Atres Bandes, Hannah Sullivan, Gameshow and Emily Lim, Leo Burtin and lots more… See CPT’s website for further information.

Various prices


Undercurrent                                           Tue 29 March– Sat 16 April, 7pm, Sat matinees at 3pm

Calculating Kindness
An arresting new production based on the life of George Price (1922-1975), presented within yards of where Price lived, worked and died. This striking new work, directed by award-winning Director Laura Farnworth, shares the man, his work and extraordinary life. Watching Price wrestle with and ultimately falling victim to his theory, will have profound implications for the way we understand ourselves. Undercurrent weighs up the question: was Price mentally ill, or consumed by a spiritual desire to disprove his own theory: that man is only kind to his own kin? Price’s radical acts of altruism challenge us to examine our own acts of kindness in a time of austerity and self-interest.
£12/£10 concs (Previews £8)


Jamal Harewood                                             Tue 12 – Sat 16 April, 9pm plus post-show discussion
The Privileged

The Privileged is a solo participatory performance event that explores race, community and the identity of the working class citizen within today’s society. The piece is based around the idea of a once in a lifetime polar bear encounter. Upon entering the enclosure the audience realise that it is just the animal, ten marked envelopes and themselves. The audience are encouraged, through written instruction, to work together whilst tending to the bear’s daily needs within its man’s unnatural representation of this magnificent creature’s Arctic habitat.

£12/£10 concs


Coney                                                                                                             Tue 19-Sat 30 April, 7pm


Imagine you’re in a theatre of the future, powered by an algorithm. REMOTE arrives to help your city become more the place of your dreams. We are here to help you be more like people like you. We are here to offer you choice (because we already know that people like you like choice). Here’s Sally. You are all playing Sally. She dreams of freedom. Let’s see how she goes.

£12/£10 concs (£8 on Tue 19 and Tue 16 May)


Thomas Martin and Pat Ashe                                               Tue 19- Sat 23 April, 9pm

Beta Public Presents

After five sell out dates at CPT, Beta Public returns to programme five late nights of the wildest and weirdest crossover experiments in theatre and videogames. Expect artist-led Let’s Plays, audience-driven adventures, talks from cutting-edge game developers, and much, much more! Beta Public Presents the newest work at the intersection of performance and play.

£8 (work-in-progress)


Thomas Martin                                                                         Tue 26-Wed 27 April, 9pm

Human Basic

Human Basic is the second story-show from Thomas Martin, creator of the award-winning Professional Supervision (or, how Johnny Knoxville’s consciousness travelled from the future to live inside my teenage head). It will ask questions about identity, intimacy, and communication. Informed and excited by the shifting pluralism of internet culture, it will worry about the future of the individual, and whether there is, like, a ‘soul.’ There might be some songs.
£12/£10 concs


Hannah Ballou                                                                           Fri 29 – Sat 30 April, 9pm

The Bump Show

The Bump Show is a comedy special by a very pregnant woman.  Feminist performance artist and comedian Hannah Ballou is knocked up.  She found out about it live on stage in her critically-acclaimed show hoo:ha at CPT’s Calm Down, Dear festival in 2015.  Through her trademark blend of stand up, song, dance, games, and the occasional cameo by her sidekick, Nigel the Pug, Ballou will delve into the comedic depths of pregnancy and work out what’s funny about having a tiny human sticking out of the front of you (spoiler: a lot).

£12/£10 concs


Daniel Bye                                                                                            Tue 3- Sat 7 May, 9pm

Going Viral

An aeroplane flies from Uganda to England. Everyone on board is weeping. Everyone except you. On the ground, the weeping spreads. Is it a strange new disease? An outbreak of hysteria? Or has the world become genuinely sad? In this uncanny, high-definition world we are all more connected, more vulnerable, and more human – but not equally so. The award-winning maker of The Price of Everything and How to Occupy an Oil Rig presents an urgent, fantastical story from the front line of an epidemic. Intimate and epic, hilarious and tragic, Going Viral is a thrilling new development in Daniel Bye’s unique blend of storytelling, playful comedy and performance lecture.

£12/£10 cons


Luca Rutherford                                                                       Tue 3 – Thur 5 May, 7.30pm

Learning How to Die
This is a show about death. It’s not a show about being sad. Or about grief. Or pity. This is a show about the actuality of dying and how an acceptance of mortality can drive a passion for life. Learning How To Die asks what scares us about dying, and how can we use that fear to drive our living actions. Can we stop being scared of talking about dying? Can we find new ways to talk about death now, not just when we are faced with it, or have to deal with someone else’s? It won’t make it any less painful but it might just make things easier.

Join Luca in Learning How to Die and it might just change the way you live.

£12/ £10 concs


Ivo                                                                                                      Fri 6-Sat 7 May, 7.30pm

In the Vice Like Grip of It
You are watching a woman through the fourth wall of her home. The feed from the camera hidden in the lamp next to her is projected across her kitchen cabinets. When she speaks, her voice is caught by the microphone in her smartphone and amplified to you. She opens her laptop and an image of her face flickers across the room. You watch her type: ‘I think I’m being watched…‘. A new play exploring the relationship between citizens and the state in light of our knowledge of contemporary surveillance practices.
£12/ £10 concs  


Jack Britton presented by In Good Company (Derby Theatre)   Wed 11 – Thu 12 May, 7.30pm

The story that built, broke and remade me. 1.9 climbs bravely into the memories of a young man traversing the cityscapes of his hometown. As nostalgia for the days of callused hands, weightlessness and well worn trainers are explored; he attempts to recapture the feelings first felt when taking his leap of faith into Parkour.
£12/10 concs


Zoo Indigo presented by In Good Company (Derby Theatre)   Wed 11-Thu 12 May 9pm   

No Woman’s Land
In 1945, at the end of World War II, Ildiko’s grandmother, expelled from her home, walked 350km through the fractured landscape of Europe with her two young children and all her belongings dragged in a cart.
In 2015, Ildiko and Rosie retraced her footsteps, crossing borders, climbing fences, bleeding, crying, blistering, and carrying their flat pack children. Now the performers walk, fall and stumble on a treadmill, immersed in an environment of archival and original videos and voice-overs. No Woman’s Land is a humorous and moving stagger through landscapes of past and present stories. Visual, physical and visceral, the performance explores the post war apocalypse, migration, home and displacement.
£8 (work-in-progress)


Tetrad Scratch night presented by In Good Company              Fri 13 May, 7.30pm
(Derby Theatre)

Us and Them

Us and Them brings together people who are excited and inspired by innovative, bold and thought provoking experiences of performance. Watch performances by Tetrad collective members, alongside developing work from guest artists within the fields of comedy, dance, theatre, live art and multimedia performance. All this accompanied by Tetrad’s trademark unconventional hosting methods using games, scores and sketches to segue from one performance to the next. In this scratch night with a difference Tetrad will be bringing together East Midlands and London based artists for a truly unique event.

£12/10 concs


Presented by Buzzcut                                                                                      Sun 15 May, from 1pm

//BUZZCUT// on tour: Let England Shake
//BUZZCUT// is thrilled to be working with CPT  to bring a programme of wild and exceptional Scotland-based artists! Similar to a day at //BUZZCUT// festival there will be performances, food, music and chaos! Have you ever been? If yes, then hopefully you’re delighted… and if you’ve not been, HERE’S THE CHANCE! It’s about sharing and it’s about people. It’s about experimenting and it’s about compassion.

Pay what you can


Will Adamsdale and Fuel                                                    Tue 17 May – Sat 4 June, 7pm
The Joke






The Joke is a new play from comedy award winner Will Adamsdale – and company – exploring jokes and why we tell them, countries and why we need (and despair of) them, and life and why we bother. And tic tacs.

£12/10 concs


Cath Hoffman                                                                           Wed 18 – Thu 19 May, 9pm

Free Lunch with the Stench Wench
A solo piece exploring the personal experiences of growing up as one of the ‘feral underclass’ in relation to today’s ‘Austerity Britain’.
Fleas, cheap clothes, thrifty bread, cold baths, and debauched disadvantaged dancing will be investigated as I chart the drive for survival and fitting in. Stories and songs about how to get by and make do will be shared whilst I attempt to overcome the shame of ‘lack’ and celebrate our spirit of community and hope. Dangerously hungry, indulged, oversexed, asexual, too many children, impotent, too independent, a burden…the poor female is seen as the cause of her own poverty, an emblem of the undeserving, and a force for self-help.
£12/10 concs


Sh!t Theatre                                                                                      Fri 20-Sat 21 May, 9pm

Women’s Hour
Women’s Hour – I’M FINE – Women’s Hour. First on Women’s Hour: Men, then us. Women’s Hour.

Later on Women’s Hour: Ankle Socks? Women’s Hour.

Commissioned by Camden People’s Theatre and winner of Three Weeks Editors Choice award 2015, Women’s Hour is a cabaret piece of “giddy, freewheeling silliness” (Exeunt) about what happens when women are given just one hour a day to think about what it is to be a woman.

£12/£10 concs


Sandy Grierson and CPT                                                                      Mon 23 May, 7.30pm

AGITPROJEKT (pilot night)     

Did Agitprop Theatre work in the 20th century? Does it have a place in the 21st? Reading one key text each night from the likes of Theatre Workshop, 7:84, the Federal Theatre Movement, Berliner Ensemble and more, AGITPROJEKT will add a bit of context, some top notch actors, an open discussion and open bar throughout.



Vincent Gambini                                                                                       Tue 24 –Sat 28 May 9pm

This is not a Magic Show

Forget everything you know about magic and magicians.
Now remember it all again. This is not a magic show is a performance of and about sleight-of-hand magic: its invisible mechanics, its clichés, and what it tells us about live theatre and make- believe. In a conversational yet crafted approach, Vincent Gambini presents astonishing close-up magic that invites us to question how enchantment and wonder are produced within a theatrical situation.
£12/£10 concs


Hannah Nicklin                                                            Tue 31 May – Sat 4 June 9pm
Equations for a Moving Body

Equations For A Moving Body is a story about the physiology of endurance – when our brains tell our bodies to stop – and the psychology of carrying on. It is the story about preparing mind and body for a 2.4 mile swim, 112 miles of cycling, then running a marathon. About the people who share that journey with us: family, coaches, friends, ex-boyfriends, and the people we swim, ride and run alongside. What carries us to the finish line? What’s left at the end of 141 miles of swimming, cycling and running?

£12/10 concs


Nick Cassenbaum                                                                    Tue 7 – Sat 11 June, 7.30pm
Bubble Schmeisis

Bubbemeises is Yiddish, it translates as a grandmothers story, a tall story, an old wives’ tale.

Writer and street performer Nick Cassenbaum invites you into the warmth of the Canning Town Schvitz, East London’s last authentic bath house. Amongst the steam and ritual Nick will take you on a journey to find the place he belongs. Schlaping through summer camps, barber shops and Spurs games … will he find what he was looking for?
Bubble Schmeisis is full of intimate and personal true stories about identity, home and getting schmeised (washed) by old men.
£12/£10 concs


Hiccup Project                                                                                      Tue 7 – Wed 8 June, 9pm


May-We-Go-Round? is a collision of fiercely energetic dance and comedic theatre. We jangle through the merry-go-round of romance, taking audiences along for the bitter-sweet ride. A provocative and playful insight into our romantic encounters, it swings wildly between hilarious truths and intimate vulnerabilities. We are two young women open a window into the tangled, delirious mess of it all, exploring the romantic clichés we can all so uncomfortably recognize. The show is a celebration of friendship, of love and lust in all their messy, confusing and hilarious forms. We allow ourselves to dive fully and joyfully into love, embracing the dreamy delights of lusting, relishing the moments of singledom and dealing with the ‘difficult stuff.’ Our friendship is the anchoring thread, the launch pad for our exciting and heart-breaking adventures. We trip over, feel vulnerable, try to be sexy, get rejected and are downright silly along the way.
£12/10 concs


Eggs Collective                                                                              Thu 9 – Sat 11 June, 9pm

Late Night Love

And now a song for all those Sandras out there, just looking for their Keiths… Inspired by the late night, confessional radio show of the same name, Late Night Love is an investigation of how the combination of power ballads and intimate, adult phone-ins impacted our expectations of life and relationships.
Tune in and join Eggs Collective as they attempt to remember the teenagers they were and the adults they thought they’d be. Late Night Love is an attempt to work out how men and women are made, to unpick the truth from the fiction of chocolate boxes and to decipher what the careless whispers of romance in popular culture are trying to tell us. This show is a tribute to the infinite wisdom of lonely truckers on the A6, heartbroken women called Carly, and the power of power ballads.
£12/10 concs


Camden Youth Theatre

Camden People’s Theatre, Fitzrovia Centre and New Diorama Theatre have joined forces to set up a brilliant new Youth Theatre.

Camden Youth Theatre will introduce local young people aged 13-19 to the skills they need to make their own inventive new theatre. They’ll work with top professional theatre makers, creating new shows and performing at two of London’s best studio theatres: Camden People’s Theatre and New Diorama Theatre.

Held on Monday evenings during term-time at Fitzrovia Centre, the Youth Theatre is established in response to local demand for a creative club for young people.

Camden Youth Theatre is led by Gemma Rowan, who has extensive experience working with young people. She is co-director of celebrated young company Sounds Like Chaos, and is a professional theatre maker with her company Mingbeast. Gemma will work with the young people of CYT to form a company producing exciting and accessible theatre.

CYT Monday sessions are:

4.30pm – 6.30pm  ages 13 – 15

7.00pm – 9.00pm  ages 16 – 19

For more information on how to join the Youth Theatre and upcoming projects please send Rose at Fitzrovia Centre an email on [email protected].