Singaporean Fox – what to expect

A 10 second teaser from Foxy & Husk

Can you give us a teaser of what you'll be presenting as part of the Starting Blocks showcase on 30 March?

Singaporean Fox is a performance essay exploring family, nationhood and belonging using collected stories of several individual's struggle to find their place in the world. Foxy and Husk will be questioning how one's biological family and one's imagined national family can shape a person's identity or their perception of home. The showcase at CPT will be a display of the material she has gathered so far and in true Foxy fashion will include song, dance and playful visuals.


In 5 words, what can the audience expect to look forward to in your performance?

Music videos, foxes, backing dancers, interviews, 


In 5 words, how would you describe your style of performance?

Playful, Emotional, Performance Art, Cabaret, Video


Foxy & Husk will be presenting Singaporean Fox as part of Starting Blocks on 30 March