Q&A with the Gameshow Guys

A short Q&A with Matthew and Matt from Gameshow.

Hi Matthew, hi Matt! You're bringing This Is The Moon, That Is The Earth (We Are Here, We Are Here) to CPT's Sprint festival on 22 March.

In 5 words, what can we expect to see?

Fame, failure, flesh and (coloured) balls.


Tell us a bit about how you came up with the idea for this show, and how you developed it.

For a while now, we’ve wanted to make a show about how narratives of success, failure, fame and friendship are all mixed up with stories of space exploration. We started making it in October (at CPT) and continued to develop it at Ovalhouse this year. After weeks of dancing to Elvis, competing with each other, dying in each other’s arms and telling stories, we’ve worked out that ‘This is the Moon…’ is also about our own relationship. As we continue to develop the show, we want to explore how our own stories of success and failure relate to the bigger narratives we’re interested in.


If it's a work in progress, is there anything in particular you'd like the audience to think about while they're watching the performance? 

'What's going on?'  'Are they talking to us?'


What are the main themes of the performance?

Fame and failure, friendship and competition.


What can the audience expect to look forward to?

Plenty of passive aggression, two men in their pants and a risk of getting covered in flour.


Do any of the other shows strike your fancy during Sprint? (this is just a chance to plug other shows if you want to!)

Lucy Hutson’s ‘If you want bigger Yorkshire puddings…’ and Andy Smith’s double bill.


This Is The Moon, That Is The Earth is in a double bill with How To Occupy An Oil Rig by Daniel Bye on 22 March for just £18.

Grab yourself 2-4-1 tickets for This Is the Moon… with the promocode "gameshow"