One: What’s in store

We chat to Jaye Kearney about her one-woman show, One.

Hi Jaye. You're kicking off Sprint with you're one-woman show, One. In 5 words, what can we expect to see ?

Bridget Jones, desert island, celebration


Brilliant! Can you tell us a bit about how you developed the show, and where you came up with the original idea from?

One was made very slowly over a year with the support of an Emerge Mentored Commission.I wanted to make it slowly because I wanted to make it predominantly alone. 

At first I thought I was making a show about coping with loneliness but that began to feel too negative. I also realised that I CHOOSE to be alone a lot of the time. I'd done a couple of collaborative projects before this but I'd never made a solo show and yet I am predominantly a solitary person – single and an only child, raised by a single mum. So it was a challenge: to make a show alone and to embrace all the things that being alone means to me – the challenges AND the benefits. One not only represents how I grew up and where I am in my life but also the process of the show. It's about being alone, in a space, together.


What are the main themes of the performance? 

Solitude, femininity, a celebration of ourselves as individuals, love.


Should the audience be looking forward to anything in particular?

They should be prepared to join in. There is some, fairly gentle, interaction.  They will all be given a drink at the end too.


Intriguing. After your shows, you can relax and enjoy the rest of the festival. Any of the other shows tickle your fancy?

The One-on-One night – I like that kind of thing, when I'm feeling brave – especially Greg Wohead. I've met him a couple of times and his work sounds intriguing but I've never had a chance to see any of it.

Also Two from A Smith. He's just brilliant and warm! I would always go and see his work if I could.


You can catch One in a double bill with Affairs on 6th & 7th March.