In This Day and Stage: Facing the End of Sprint2020 (Chapter 4)

In This Day and Stage: Facing the End of Sprint2020 is the last chapter of the blog series by Greta Zaltieri, our Admin & Marketing Intern. Intoxicated by her love for theatre (and the possibility to have free tickets for CPT shows), she embarked on a quest to see seventeen SPRINT shows in three weeks – but unfortunately, her mission had to be put on hold due to the COVID-19 emergency. However, just because CPT is closed, it doesn’t mean that she can’t review the shows she has seen, and also open up a larger conversation about the beauty of theatre and the challenges that we all have to face in this difficult time. Stay tuned and follow Greta as she says goodbye to CPT (but has no intention to leave at all!).

In This Day and Stage: Facing the End of Sprint2020

Chapter 4

I have dreaded this day since my internship at CPT started: my internship at CPT is coming to an end (too much of a worrier?).

If you have read my previous posts, you know that my adventure as CPT’s Admin & Marketing intern started a while ago. My interview to fill this position – one in which I scared to hell the General Manager by basically telling him I wouldn’t accept no for an answer – was on the 6th of December 2019 (and no, I don’t remember it by heart, I checked my calendar because I’m not THAT obsessive, thank you very much).

Since that moment, everything went wrong. On my first week, I had one hell of a flu and had to meet all my future co-workers and bosses while looking and feeling like a total train wreck. Additionally, the COVID-19 (which was still a phenomenon and not a pandemic, good times…) was spreading in China, resulting in my shitty self getting some really worried looks on the subway! Then, I started this blog, that was supposed to cover seventeen SPRINT shows, and got locked down. I mean, c’mon! Leave me ONE THING!

This is what I was left with: my exams and dissertation to prepare, the anxiety of knowing that my family in Italy was not doing so well, infinite ignored What’s App conversations, and my internship. I was terrified to lose the possibility to work for CPT from home, because it was the thing that kept me going in these strange, heart-breaking months. Even when I couldn’t bare the thought of doing uni work, socializing, or even eating, I have never lost the will to help CPT in any way I could. The question is: why?

Well, I mentioned having the flu during my first week. Just after my recovery, I had some weeks to get to know my colleagues before CPT closed its doors – and those two weeks were a gift. I enjoyed every second, from putting up posters, to attending STAMP, to learning my preference between admin and marketing, to sanitising the handles – and much more. After those two weeks, it was done: I was hooked! My affection towards the people working with me and towards CPT’s mission – an inclusive, political set of values that I share with all my heart – tied me irrevocably to the organisation. FOREVER (evil laugh echoes in the background).

Ultimately, my experience at CPT has trained me in the art of transforming misfortunes in opportunities. I swear, this is all coming from me, I’m not writing it with the Executive Director threatening to kill my cats or something like that! The soppy truth (in sharp contrast with the cynical persona that you should know well by now) is that CPT is not just the cool, cozy theatre in which I have seen some great work anymore, but also a space in which I felt welcomed, accepted, and at ease. I feel so strongly a part of it, it’s even more difficult to let go. But I must, or I may have to re-do this university year and pay a shitload of debt! Oh, wait a minute…

Farewell, dear reader, I know you’ll agree,
Once team CPT, forever team CPT!

It has been an honour writing for you.



About the blogger

Greta is a woman of many talents and few hopes. Her interest in theatre sparked when she was six years old and, from that moment, she hasn’t been able to stop loving the stage, backstage, box office, dressing rooms and all that jazz (!). She has almost completed her dissertation, a feminist investigation on the role of the author, and she is about to graduate in Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies at Roehampton University (if everything goes as planned). She also tries to juggle between her roles of Chair of Students’ Council, Programme Rep, and Trustee for the Student Union. I mean, no one is having that much of a social life during quarantine, right? RIGHT?

LinkedIn: Greta Zaltieri

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