I Am Hip Hop’s interview with Beats N Elements

Check out I Am Hip Hop’s interview with Beats N Elements ahead of High Rise eState of Mindheading to BAC from 20-3o March and then to CPT from 7-11 May. 

A new show that explores why we need safe clean homes for all and shared fairly, told through beats and songs, using living looping and beatboxing. Set in the future and now (although now is pretty much the Victorian age with added foodbanks), it explores the current housing crisis, and the psychological effects and anxieties that our homes (or lack of) have on us.

Told by a young-ish cast who are all dreaming about having their own place one day, it asks what happens when we move further away from the ground and our roots? We meet the cast behind it Conrad Murray, Paul Creed, David Bonnick Jr (Gambit Ace) and Lynch Steven ( Lady Ki Ki) to find out more. 

How is the dystopian linked in with the genre of music used i.e. grime, beatboxing, hiphop, looping and MCing?

Grime can have frantic and fast rhymes, information sent to you in a concise way. In the future , as it is now, people will receive more and more information, fast and in small chunks.

Hip hop lends itself to story telling, and is the theatrical form that we use in our style of theatre and performance. The genre of gig theatre we have invented -rapping beatbox and spoken word , is a great way to tell stories and express our views and opinions.

Are these genres of music styles synonymous with each other?

Yes they are synonymous, in that we cover different rap forms with a basis in hip hop, as a cast, we each have different backgrounds in all of these genre as MC’s and producers, rapping over boom-bap hip hop beats or 140 grime beats. Each style of music allows to tell a different element of the story

Both Conrad and Paul have shared interest in the politics of class and dystopian novels. This informs the work that we try to create and is intrinsically related to the current issue of housing, which we…

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