How To Drown A Fish – what to expect

10 second teaser from Grace Gibson

Can you give us a teaser of what you'll be presenting as part of the Starting Blocks showcase on 30 March?

Off stage a cassette is taken out of its box and put into the player. The music crackles and she bounds onto stage. She notices the woman who resembles a Bichon Frisé and the sign above the audience telling her to smile. With hairspray in her saliva, she dances on an uneven herringboned floor. The air is wet, her hair drips. She is drowning in a moment.        

How have you been developing the show over the past weeks?

Over the past weeks I have been exploring the relationship between the one who fell and the one who watched them fall. By unpacking personal experiences of embarrassment as well as examining moments of Celebrity “slip ups” I have become interested in what mistakes one chooses to remember, and how we recover from them.   

In 5 words, what can the audience expect to look forward to in your performance?

Water balloons, dance competitions, aquariums.


Grace is presenting How To Drown A Fish as part of Passing the Baton on 26 March, and in the Starting Blocks Showcase on 30 March.