Guest Blog – Yellow Coat Theatre Company’s Emma Lamond Speaks About… The MENOPAUSE!

Yellow Coat Theatre Company was set up in 2017. Co-created by mother and daughter duo, Caron Kehoe and Emma Lamond, Yellow Coat are here to make some noise, have some fun and celebrate all things feminist… and maybe a few other bits too.

Calm Down Dear: Big Bang #1

Monday 15th January 2018 at 7.30pm – Tickets can be booked here 

Yellow Coat Theatre Company on… the MENOPAUSE!

Who are we?

We are a new theatre company set up by mother and daughter duo, Caron Kehoe and Emma Lamond, and our ambitions for Yellow Coat Theatre Company were born out of a shared love for theatre, yellow coats and fighting the patriarchy.

We founded our theatre company in the summer of 2017, and Of Course I’m Hot… I’m 50! is our first production, which is part of Big Bang #1 during the Calm Down Dear 2018 festival.  We are so excited to be working at Camden People’s Theatre and can’t wait to open the festival.


According to the Office for National Statistics, there are more women than men in the UK (although you wouldn’t have thought so based on the way the men strut about the place!).  Out of the 32 million women in the UK, most will go through the menopause during their lifetime – as will some men – yet despite this, it is still something we shy away from, and only really talk about in hushed tones.   This is something we at Yellow Coat feel is an outrage and want to challenge this collective ignorance and encourage a new way of thinking – a CHANGE you might say!  Our play is based on our own experiences, conversations we’ve had over the years and interviews we’ve held during the development process.  We know you can’t change the world with a 20 minute scratch performance, but you’ve got to start somewhere!

Top facts about the menopause:

  • The menopause usually occurs between 45 and 55 years of age.
  • It can be artificially triggered through the removal of the ovaries; however this is only permissible for medical reasons.
  • Hot flushes are one of the most common symptoms associated with the menopause, with 9 in 10 women experiencing them, although the list of possible symptoms is extensive, and everyone’s experience is different.
  • Medication is available to help manage the symptoms of the menopause, although finding the correct medication for the individual is still very much done on a trial and error basis.
  • Humans aren’t the only creatures who experience the menopause – whales and orangutans go through it too!

Interested in learning more?

Let’s get this party started – come and join us on Monday 15th January at Camden People’s Theatre and be part of the conversation – and if you want to take the conversation online, you can find us on Facebook and Twitter at @YellowCoatTC and using the hashtag #Hotand50 ! 

Emma Lamond

Yellow Coat Theatre Company