Guest Blog: Will Dickie

M-M-MASSIVE AND KRURev Gareth's living room

What follows are words.
These are words also.
Words point to things beyond themselves.
The word water is not wet.
I found these words and have been using them to point me toward The Rave Space :


A rave exists in the minds of the people who danced together.
Being the event, not watching one.
Not what music (or theatre) means, but how it works.
How sad it is people ignore the near in search for truth afar.
Take the one seat in the centre the room and see who comes to visit.
Truth is a pathless land.
The way out is through.
This statement is a lie.
Man cannot search either for what he knows or what he does not know.
Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.
satipannya shropshireWords butter no parsnips.
The map is not the territory.
The rhythm is the melody.
Are you on one? lets go mental. Lets go fatal.
life is not a dress rehearsal.
That which is above is as that which is below, and that which is below is as that which is above.
The fire has gone out in front of you. In which direction has it gone?
Give up your life. if you would live.
The mind is the great slayer of the real. Let us slay the slayer.
A person is destroyed by holding judgements about others.
When a name arises, a reality lies hidden. When a reality reveals itself, a name disappears.

Here are pictjamie the raverures.
Pictures point to things beyond themselves.
One picture is of my local Vicar’s side table.
I interviewed him for the Rave Space.
Another is at a Buddhist Centre in Shropshire. The monk Bante Bhodidhamma laid those petals out.
I interviewed him for the Rave Space too.
Another picture is of Jamie the Raver.
He’s on the left holding up two fingers.
But he’s not being rude. He’s being rude.
I interviewed Jamie too. He has a warm heart.

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