Guest blog: Tom Marshman’s preview of Kings Cross (Remix)

I wish I was more like Cher!

After performing my preview last night at the Cube microplex in Bristol, I am awash with conflicting emotions.

It’s so full on.tom 1

In the show I embody other people; their stories are tragic and celebrational, opposites coexisting. After the show and I’ve talked to everyone that came, I go back to my flat and it’s just me..but the traces of the stories are still in me, and I go over ever detail of what went well and what needs to be developed and what feedback I got.

I go to bed and try to sleep but I can’t – I just lie there for hours thinking it through. Eventually, I can’t cope any longer I get up do my washing, clean my flat. I even mop the floors. This is all happening at five in the morning!

I mange to sleep for a couple of hours and go out and treat myself to a fancy breakfast. I go to a department store and walk around like a zombie. I’m full of a mix of deep sadness, pride, and relief that I got through it.

Then I run into my friend. I tell  him about my epic preview and my sleepless night and he says: “you should try and be more like Cher, when she finishes a show she takes a elevator up to her hotel room and just goes straight to sleep”.

I wish I could, but Cher is quite a few years my senior so I guess it’s something to work towards.

I can hear her sing “just let go Tom”, probably through a vocoder.

Catch Tom’s Kings Cross (Remix)  at CPT next Tue 14 and Wed 15 June. FIND OUT MORE.