Guest blog: Tom Marshman

Tom Marshman tell us about the development of his new CPT-supported show Kings Cross (Remix).

I am at an exciting point in my process just one week before my before the London premiere of my new show, Kings Cross (Remix). I have hosted 3 tea parties and had one-on-one interviews with participants and a sharing and the other in the studio in Old Market, Bristol where I work. It so happens that where I have made this show (and where I live) has similarities to Kings Cross.

tom 3Last night I did a preview of the whole show at the Cube Microplex at the Cube, Bristol. The venue is one of Bristol slightly hidden gems, and it feels a bit like the descriptions of one of the venues that is mentioned in my show (The Scala).

I even went quite far into Wales with 20 minutes of the show to present it to the lovely people at Aberration, in Aberystwyth; there I met lots of people that remember Kings Cross in the 80’s. It seems that many have moved to be by the Welsh Seaside!

I have been interviewing people that remember the King Cross area in the 1980’s. The time was pretty major for LGBTQ people, involving fighting for Clause 28 to be overturned, the beginning of the aids epidemic, (he remembers there was no medication so doctors worked with patients in a totally observational way) the day to day workings of support groups for LGBT people like Gay Switchboard (the peeling paint and the sloping floors) and the hard partying where playing with identity was high-octane, (he remembers the boy that put wood glue in his hair to achieve the impressive quiff).

Now this is where the magic takes places as the people’s stories take hold over me and I can’t but saying their words in my head and when I am performing them they feel very present in me. It’s weird but quite thrilling!

Listen to this lovely sound trailer by Neil Rose here, and find out more about the show here.