Guest blog: Tom Marshman

Working on this show Kings Cross (REMIX) has been quite an emotional journey.

The stories are connected to real LGBTQ people that lived, worked or partied there in the 80’s.

When people talk about their gay life, they almost always reference a backdrop of oppression or fear about who they are, for fear of violence towards them. It goes with the territory.

And that’s sad but when you look at it through a historical gaze (albeit only 30 years) there is a danger that it can be dismissed as the bad old times.

But the weekend’s events bolted me upright. I was rehearsing, consumed with how to make it a better show and suddenly it hit me that it can still be dangerous for LGBTQ people today.

And we need to be brave to be the people we want to be all over again and carry on fighting.

Life is hard.