Guest Blog: Tom Adams on being the Human Jam choir leader

In this blog, Tom Adams, choir leader of our Human Jam community choir, writes about his experience finding the strength to fight HS2 through melodies, support and joy.

Human Jam is CPT’s epic new docu-theatre event which digs deep into a small but stubborn community, an £80bn infrastructure project – and the ghosts of Euston past. Click here to find out more. 

I have been working on Human Jam since November 2018 and with the community choir for the last two months as choir leader. We have all been meeting once a week and I have been writing songs inspired by the group’s experiences.

It feels great to write something which then is verified by the group. They will certainly tell you if they don’t like something which I love. Once a week, we have been gathering, singing songs, supporting each other, gaining strength to fight HS2, understanding more and more about it.

Coming from a musical comedy background, I love leading the choir with joy and play and lightness, even though we are singing about a serious subject about people’s lives. Music wins people over really quickly. Ideas can be spread much quicker through a catchy melody, leaving the audience on a high, hopefully, at the end.

With one week to go before opening night, the piece is in really good shape. The group are getting excited about their part in it. It’s going to be so cool.