Guest Blog: ThisEgg on FLOG

Josie from ThisEgg gives a bit of an insight into what’s happening behind the scenes ahead of FLOG, a brand new show exploring whether a progression in technology is really a regression in our species.

FLOG arrives at CPT this Saturday. Don’t miss out and book your tickets by clicking here.  

Hello! Josie here… I’m ThisEgg.

I’m trying something new with FLOG.

FLOG is a script I wrote about a year and a half ago, was produced by Menagerie Theatre and it performed at Hotbed in Cambridge and Oxford.

Then I just left it, but it wasn’t finished (and by the way, still very much isn’t).

It has been niggling at me ever since and I’ve wanted to try and do some more with it. The actress’ who performed the last version were pretty up for carrying on with it too, so, I thought we’d do a bit of work on it together and then another public showing to see what people thought.

Then one of them got a job at the Donmar (fair play), and another is currently on her honeymoon (also fair play). That left Clem.

Clem is great in life, and on stage, but, she prefers being behind the scenes directing. So, I asked Clem if she do that for this. She said yes.

Now we have three new awesome cast members – Ella, Gemma and Jack.

This might seem like a pretty normal process, but for me, slash ThisEgg, it isn’t. I make shows collaboratively through devising from the very beginning, so handing over some words I wrote on a page – let alone writing them down in the first place – and getting someone else to direct other people speaking them feels a bit strange but totally great.

That said, Clem and the gang can (and will) do pretty much anything they want with FLOG. I’m not sure what will happen on the 2nd December, but I think I would be disappointed if I did? It’s very exciting!