Guest Blog: Snuff Box Theatre

“She just needs to understand that it is not her fault. That she is not to blame. That she is not a slut.” 


Just before Christmas, CPT were generous enough to give Snuff Box a week of R&D on our new show that I’m writing ‘CLICK’. Following a successful reading at the National Theatre, as part of the Women Centre Stage Festival, we’re developing ‘CLICK to take to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016. ‘CLICK’ is an urgent new piece in response to the recent legislation that passes Revenge Pornography as a criminal act for the first time.

The catalyst for the piece is revenge porn but really it’s a show about shame. I don’t write in a linear well-structured neat and tidy kind-of-a-way. I dunno, I guess I’m still learning how I write as I go along, so everything’s a bit messy. But yeah, by the time we got to CPT I was pretty desperate to get the ideas on their feet and to hear the words in other people’s mouths. Since the rehearsed reading at the National the play has grown in length and content, adding two male characters to the original three female parts. I wanted to use the week at CPT to focus on those male voices ensuring they’re posing the right difficult questions about our responses to gender roles in society. As the piece is about public shaming on the Internet, we were grateful to get an opportunity to have a play with technology, having a look at the relationship between live and recorded performance, what’s presented and what’s performed. Dan and Bryony lovingly ripped everything apart, questioning the why and teasing out the possible hows. The brilliant actors Jon Foster, Holly Augustine and Suzanne Crothers popped in to read and discuss the script, interrogating the structure and making suggestions for character development. A lot changed, a lot was rewritten, a lot of old ideas got played with and mixed up into some brilliant new stuff. All of which couldn’t have possibly been found by me sat alone in my kitchen staring at my laptop. Thank you very much CPT for having us, we can’t wait to come back in the spring for round two before Edinburgh!


About the company

Snuff Box Theatre is a multi-award winning, internationally touring collective of theatre makers who thrive on creating bold new work from a blank page. Founded in 2011, the company (Bryony Shanahan, Charlotte Josephine and Daniel Foxsmith) met whilst training together at East 15 Acting School on the Contemporary Theatre course, and have a rich and diverse background in performance and creative play, which drives the creation of the work. Creators of Bitch Boxer, Snuff Box have been part of The British Council Showcase and have toured the UK extensively, as well as performing in Australia, Norway and Ireland. Whether large scale or intimate, political or fantastical, Snuff Box have one singular aim: to tell great stories on stage. | @SnuffBoxTheatre