Guest Blog: Saviour

In this blog, the currator of Saviour Josh Coates talks about the process of bringing a variety of theatre makers together for a night of weird live art performance based on the artist St Vincent.

Saviour will be at CPT Sat 5th Oct. Click here to find out more. 

In January of this year, a couple of my favourite theatre makers came together to do a night of weird live art, performance stuff based off the work of Charli XCX. It was wild. Some people got bloody noses, told us how they wanted to fuck cars and at the end we all danced with the audience on the stage.

We’re doing another one. This time it’s going to be about St Vincent.

When trying to come up with what the night was there was a couple of things I wanted to avoid. The first thing was, THE NIGHT IS NOT A SCRATCH NIGHT. This is something I want everyone who is coming to know. The night isn’t about feedback or testing out ideas that may turn into full productions. The night is about experimentation without any pressure, in an environment where the audience and the artists are present under the same guise, they just really like a thing and want to share that. Most of the pieces presented are fleeting, there won’t be the questioning of “ Where do you see this?, Who’s going to fund it?”. The night allow artists to remove themselves from the structures of how performance is concocted.

The artist has to make a performance based on a song they like.  That’s the only constraint.

The other is that the night should be viewed in a space that allows audience to watch in whatever way they want. Want to go grab a bev between each act? Go for it. Want to sit on the floor for a particular performance? Got for it. Want to dance in between acts. Please, we’ll be doing the same thing . We’re not going to rush the night, we’re going to take it at our own pace. We will let each piece breath so you can digest it anyway you want.

The night should feeling we’re all sharing something.

With these things in mind, a night of absolute free wielding fandom should reflect that in what it’s called. So we called it a live fanzine. One that will exist once, with an audience who can make it. It’ll take time to grow and to make sense of it all.

But what if you don’t really know St Vincent? Or any other artist we’re going to do a night on. That’s okay! If anything, that’s perfect.  We want this to be a really social thing and we won’t exclude anyone who doesn’t get the references. We want to share a thing we like and nothing beats the feeling of sharing something you love with someone who doesn’t know about it.  We want to replicate the feeling of coming across a fanzine, knowing nothing about what they’re chatting about, only picking it up because it looks real pretty, and then reading someone gush about how much they love a thing, thinking “ well if they like it maybe I will” .

For Saviour we will be trying out a few new things and I hope you like them.