Guest Blog: Roxanne Carney

Sprint 2017 artist Roxanne Carney gives her top tips on effective show writing techniques and what she’s learnt from the process. 

Things I’ve learned whilst making I’m The Hero of This Story:

1. Sitting cross legged at your dining room table isn’t always the best place to write poems

2. Late night concerns are smoothed over if there’s a notepad nearby

3. Emails to programmers about your show can be soul destroying

4. Setting timed targets creates fairly decent poems

5. Bending your close mate’s ear about set and lighting design helps articulate what you are after

6. Pre making your lunch the night before cuts down on time wasting for the next day

7. If you don’t answer the door quick enough to the postman, the dogs will bark constantly

8. By keeping tabs open about the same subject from different sources can cause your laptop to crash

9. Collating an awesome playlist relevant to the show can help you complete all admin tasks

10. Writing in your notepad is better than typing on the laptop

11. Having access to Netflix is dangerous

12. Reading is fundamental

13. Being brave about asking for favours can be rewarding

14. Admitting your fears can make some of your best work

15. Sharing your ideas / influences is indicative

16. Failing is fun once you’ve gotten over the “I’m not worthy, fuck this shit” moment

17. Planning keeps you on track

18. Admitting you need help isn’t failing or showing you aren’t working hard enough

19. Realising you haven’t hit your sales target for the week is okay

20. Writing a blog is a good way to get people interested in hitting your sales target

21. Repeating that your sales target hasn’t been met might encourage people to buy their ticket

22. Including a link to the box office might help you reach your sales target