Guest Blog Post: Lovely Girls

Lovely Girls starring Chess and Cristina a multi award-winning duo part of The Hiccup Project, often introduced as ‘the lovely hiccup girls’.

In here Cristina MacKerron writes about the process of developing their show. Catch Lovely Girls in Edinburgh this August 2019. 

Using personal experience in our most recent show Lovely Girls has had big challenges. As two women, we questioned whether our stories were relevant or interesting. We had never had it with our previous shows at all. When our stories were linked to our experiences of being women, we questioned things – ‘maybe it wasn’t that bad’ ‘maybe it’s not important enough to share’.

In the process, we shared ideas about the show with people who asked what we were making. There was a lot of inhaling, and ‘ooo difficult subject’ or a lot of people disconnecting and not knowing what to say. There was a lot of nervous laughs. People were often chiming in/ worried about how we were going to present themes in show – don’t be too pretentious, too preachy, too serious, too obvious. Someone commented saying ‘be careful with your choice of words’. We’d never had comments like this with other shows. It showed that we are all still struggling with women’s themes – and how we share them. We are worried about how things come across. These conversations in the making of the show hugely inspired the work. 


There was one distinct conversation we had after we did a sharing of Lovely Girls. A friend’s boyfriend spent a long, long time very loudly and physically explaining why he struggled to connect to it; women’s experiences were hard to relate to, to connect to – but at the end, he said that he had learnt loads. The predominant part of conversation was him struggling – yet actually at end we discovered that he had learnt loads. This situation ended up transforming into a scene.