Guest Blog Post: Emma Gannon and Bryony Harris on creating PLASTICA GALACTICA

Plastica Galactica is a live art piece exploring plastic pollution, the effects on marine wildlife and the importance of YOU! You can catch it as part of SPRINT Festival on Thu 5 Mar, 7.15pm. Click here for more details. 

In this blog post, Emma Gannon and Bryony Harris tell us more about the show, their influences, and their interest for activism, feminism and the planet. 

We are Plastica Gals! (aka Emma Gannon and Bryony Harris!)


We’re bringing our BRAND NEW piece, ‘Plastica Galactica’ to SPRINT Festival on March 5th! Excited is an understatement!

Plastica Galactica is a live art performance that explores our relationship to plastic pollution. The show begins quite tasked-based for example, suffocating in a plastic bag. The show is completely zero-waste. We’ve collected our plastics from beach cleans to use as props/costumes. As a result, the show has taken on a DIY style, creating our costumes with old clothes, a needle and thread and plastics we found. We believe this represents our ‘reuse and recycle’ aesthetic whilst being able to expose big corporation’s plastic use.

The show exposes our power as consumers as well as recycling song lyrics like Take That’s “It only takes a minute girl” to “It only takes 2 minutes girl” in reference to activist, Martin Dorey’s, 2 minute solution to teach the audience about their impact and easy plastic-alternatives.


We started doing beach cleans in 2018 through MCS where we chatted, laughed, (complained about our rubbish waitressing jobs), and passionately discussed what type of theatre we wanted to make. This is where we realised that we both have huge interests in activism, feminism and the planet. This is when we decided to come together for Plastica Galactica.

As a company, we use theatre as a form of activism to raise awareness around plastic pollution and how to live sustainably. Our practice is heavily centred around accessibility, inclusivity and Reducing, Reusing and Recycling. We want everything we make to be as accessible as possible and completely zero-waste. We want to create a green workspace not only for ourselves, but to show others how theatre can be green.


We are influenced by a bunch of cool people/companies, including:
Martin Dorey, (writer of “No. More. Plastic” and “No. More. Rubbish, Excuses.”)
Daniel Webb (Everyday Plastic Project),
David Attenborough,
Greta Thunberg,
Olafur Eliasson (installation artist),
Sh!t Theatre, (performance artists),
FK Alexander, (performance artist)
HOTTER Project (Mary Higgins and Ell Porter, performance artists).


The Spire – Our journey began at The Spire in Brighton with a week long residency in March 2019. Special thanks to David Sheppard because that week really lifted Plastica Galactica off the ground.
Pulp and Pith – The amazing Sonja was the one who captured our vision for Plastica Galactica’s marketing. Thanks to her, our faces are everywhere! Including the face of SPRINT!
Coney – Coney HQ have been absolute angels in providing us studio space whenever we’ve asked, they’ve been so helpful on Plastica Galactica’s journey.
RichMix – The amazing Jack Edwards who helped us with studio space! Being an emerging company with zero funding can be incredibly difficult, but people like Jack make it so much easier!
Vijay Patel – Vijay has really supported Plastica Gals as a company and is always there to help us with any queries we might have. He’s a gem and a fabulous performance artist himself!
CPT – Since our scratch of Plastica Galactica in November 2019, CPT have helped us with any problems or worries we’ve had. They’re a venue who really know how to nurture an emerging company.
And OF COURSE, a massive thank you to our family and friends who have supported us! Being an artist is hard so your support doesn’t go amiss. Whether your support is in person, on social media, or just you watching the show, we see you and thank you.

We are SO excited to perform Plastica Galactica to the audience at CPT because we feel we have a strong message that is URGENT and needs to be heard!

Lots of love and activism,

Plastica Gals