Guest Blog: People, Priorities and Power

In our latest blog, Curtis unpacks the latest headlines in the media! Their show Asylum arrives at CPT on Sunday 11 November as part of No Direction Home: our latest festival exploring migration, displacement and refuge. 

Welcome to the 21st century, I’m going to begin this article with a selection of headlines from the BBC News, all published in the last month.

‘Extra £420 Million to tackle potholes in England’

‘Couples embrace move to outdoor weddings’

‘Fairer share in UK fish promised’

Absolute classics, I’m sure you will agree, but of course, we cannot forget the most urgent and important headlines published recently, such as:

‘Meghan Markle opens a car door by herself’

‘Boris Johnson has no idea what the fuck he is doing, so makes a pot of tea for reporters’

‘Donald Trump forgets the inner workings of an umbrella’

‘Prince Harry talks to some children’

‘Brexit, it can be positive if we just think about the rich people’

Now, I’m sure that you can appreciate I had to work really hard on my writing skills to make the above headlines sound anything like that published by the BBC…

Let’s just take a step back for a second.

What the fuck is going on? Seriously? What the fuck is happening?

These headlines continue to be printed, posted and shared all around the world. all the while this is happening, people are still being murdered, based on the colour of their skin, based on their religion. The total death count due to conflict in Syria is now over 500,000, not to forget all of the innocent people that have drowned or died from exhaustion on their journey to safety. So if you see an article about how Meghan Markle has opened a car door by herself, please do pretend that it is some defiant act of feminism because, to be quite frank, it isn’t. There are people out there doing significant things, she is not one of them.

Enough about the royals, although I could easily waste my breath for days talking about them. Anyway, enough!

Over the past couple of years, our country has been implicitly involved in the murder of thousands of innocent people, this is a fact although it will never be reported because the people that have been murdered are not white, rich or powerful. This is just one of the filters that are applied to our access to ‘news’.

My show Asylum on at the CPT on the 11th of November at 7pm. Is an exploration of the fluidity of the political and the ‘fact’. If this article speaks to you in anyway, please do come along, then we can chat in the bar afterwards and get angry together and more importantly get one step closer to true equality and humanity.