Guest Blog: Nick Cassenbaum

6I have been telling stories and jokes for as long as I remember. It all started in a smokey house in Woodford Green. I was young…too young…my nan would make me stand on the floral furniture and recite filthy jokes to her and all her mates. I had no idea what the jokes were about, or what they meant but I understood one thing. That I liked it when they laughed.

Now they were probably not laughing at the jokes, rather laughing at the image of a primary school child saying every four letter word you can think of. But it got me going. Got me wanting to get that reaction as much as I could.

I have been developing my show Bubble Schmeisis for the long time. However not in rehearsal studios or with a dramaturg. The development happened in pubs, cafes and sitting round tables with friends. I have told these stories for years. Tuning them for what gets the best laugh or reaction. It was only after I went to the schvitz with my blind grandfather papa Alan that I realised they had all be leading to that point. All the7se stories were part of something greater. Not just a way to get a free pint…but a story searching for a home.

As with all great stories it is important to get the listeners hooked in. They way I do this is to get them completely involved and on stage giving me a schmeiss (a wash). I have had many great schmeissers from ones that decide they want to give me a good smack, some take off their shoes and are very delicate and some have not wanted to stop.

Come along, hear some stories and maybe…schmeiss me.

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