Guest Blog: Nathan Birkinshaw

Nathan Birkinshaw discusses the harsh realities of the internet and the incredible connectivity we have to each other, whether for better or worse.

You can see Nathan at CPT with his show How I lost the will to live (& why you should too) as part of Sprint 2017 on Friday 24th March. Book your tickets here.

Do you ever get the feeling like you’re a massive impostor in what you do? As if being told you can do something or make something or perform something or even just exist is not enough vindication for you to find a fucking back bone. Help you grow those extra six inches and say “I am an artist”?

Making this show has been a very weird process. Using the internet as a medium of research, our social interactions, the noise of the eco chamber as well as the noise that everything is crashing down and the world is ending, it feels like a cop-out when then trying to validate that what you’re doing.

I started using the internet around the early 00’s and am thus a product of these connections. Talking to strangers in chat rooms where you were delighted to be someone else, like I was sometimes Grace, 15/F/Texas. We had the instantaneous access to all information and not to mention the porn. We have gone from the age of paper to the age of data as quickly as it took you to download that podcast on mindfulness. The time it took to send a dick pic to the love of your life.

It’s scary when you think of it and brilliant. There’s funny videos of cats, people good for. No. You can gemasturbating for your entertainment and money, videos of cats, Amazon are thinking about delivering stuff via robot helicopter drones. A few years ago we thought bombs were the only thing drones we’re books now too. Or other drones.You can even send a envelope full of glitter to someone you dislike

When I first started making this show there was a lot less stuff on the instances of death and the internet and I think a lot of people were thinking aout it at the same time as I started thinking about it and then that got me thinking; We’re all experiencing these anxieties. We’re all experiencing this imposter syndrome, this bombardment of information. I don’t have the superpower of all knowledge and porn. We all do. Through fibre optics and twelve monthly contracts and fire walls. We have this connection.

Sadly it was used to make a meme the president of the united states.

Sadly it’s used to share slow cooker recipes.

Sadly it’s used to be mean to people.

So when making this show it’s hard sometimes to find the light at the end of the tunnel when these connections actually make you more desensitised and apathetic.

Either way, I have a month to carry on and preparing a show for you on the 24th and I guess what I need to do is stop getting distracted by videos of cats.