Guest Blog: Latest edition of THE ADMIRIST by Dirty Rascals’ Daniel Spicer

In this blog post, THE ADMIRIST from Daniel Spicer, Associate Artist with Dirty Rascals, who managed to catch a sneak peek behind-the-scenes of I Want You To Admire Me/But You Shouldn’t ahead of their show on Thursday 8th March as part of Sprint Festival. Get your tickets here.

Well, we’re all on tenterhooks to find out the latest hotness from Dirty Rascals. So it’s time to find out what’s trending up, and what’s trending down.


This week we’re getting seriously hyped about working multiple jobs. That’s right, the funding you applied for ain’t coming so it’s all about working 90 hour weeks! Divide it how you like – 20 hours waitressing, 20 behind the bar, 10 more as a receptionist, and who knows how the hell you fit your playwriting, acting, and graphic design gigs into the remaining 40 hours?! But good on you for keeping your chin up and your head down!

Also trending up this week: lying to yourself to create a positive narrative. You’re a good person aren’t you? Course you are! You can’t possibly be the sort of toxic person who destroys interpersonal relationships to prop up your own ego – you’re a loving Labour voter for goodness sake!

What else is trending up this week and what’s the word on what’s trending down? We’ll find out after these words from our sponsors:


Praise For The International Bestseller:

“Look, whatever you think you’re doing, it’s not theatre.” – My Godfather

“I just don’t understand why you stopped pursuing academia.” – My Godfather

“Whatever happened to that nice girl?” – My Godfather



Newly on the up this week, it’s self-exploitation. Hey, Edinburgh’s not too far away if you think about it, it’s time to start working triple shifts on your latest play for no pay. Better put twenty hours into that Arts Council funding application that’ll fail. And best of all, you know that time’s coming around again, go find a hardwood floor to sleep on for a month while the constant nearby presence of your cast-mates sends you into a self-destructive episode!


This week we’re seeing the beginning of the end for provocative statements. Yep, sorry to say. Just cos nobody else is thinking it, doesn’t mean it’s worth putting out there. Better bag that thought back up in the recesses of your mind, buddy!

We’ve also seen the rapid fall of bachelor’s degrees. Hey, we’ve all got to learn to cut our losses some time, and three years and £50K of debt later it’s time to recognise – education doesn’t need to be paid for, get it from podcasts for free!

And nobody can deny the decline of new writing. Who knows, maybe it’s the start of the demise of fiction in general! But this particular trendista thinks we’ll be seeing this fad again in a few decades time. The 2040s will be all about rocking up to the theatre to see overly witty conversations in abstract settings!

A very special edition of The Admirist will be published on Thursday 8th March, available to all who join Dirty Rascals for I Want You To Admire Me/But You Shouldn’t.