Guest Blog: Kieran Spiers on their new show as part of Big Bang!

For our latest blog, Kiernan Spiers gives us an inside scoop of their latest show, The Foundation, playing as part of Big Bang (a CPT classic for scratch performances).

Catch it on Sun 28 April at 7:30pm. Click here for more information.

Walls. What are they good for?
I’m not talking about the sausages.
Or the ice-cream.

The Foundation is a show about walls, about divides; visible barriers and invisible barricades. It’s a show about politics. It’s a show about identity and geography. You know those ideas of shows that kinda stay with you for a long period of time and then finally you have chance to let those ideas loose? That’s The Foundation.

I wanted to make this show because I’m angry but also I’m uneducated in the way in which our borders are governed, the way in which the geography of the world is formed and the way in which we are affected by visible and invisible walls. This show and my approach, I think, is born from naivety and curiosity.

This show is the first show I am performing outside of the East-Midlands. To present this at CPT is fantastic. Barriers are being broken. This is a work-in-progress which means I’m going to present material I’ve presented to an audience before but also bits of material that have never been seen by other eyes. This is exciting for me as a writer and as a maker.

In the show I seek to explore how visible and invisible barriers are formed in society, in our nations, in ourselves. Over the last year I have had a strong curiosity about how and why we build barriers to keep people in and keep people out. I’ve been reading two must-read books Prisoners of Geography and Divided: Why We’re Living In An Age of Walls by Tim Marshall.  

I’m curious by geo-politics and the way in which we condition, organise and affect our own world geography through borders and barriers. This seemingly happens everyday – the notion of building bridges not barriers. Over the 10, 20, 30 years barriers have been erected in the shadow of the Berlin Wall. I’m not attempting to provide an answer to this. I don’t think there is necessarily a concrete one. I’m tapping into what I believe theatre should be, at its heart. It should tell stories. It should provoke an audience. Challenge an audience. Be for an audience.

The way I make work is playful it’s interactive, it’s rough, it’s raw it’s loose, it’s personal, it’s provocative. I like to play with objects, sound and with form. Ultimately, I’d like this show to challenge myself as a performer and the audience as an audience. I hope that this work-in-progress enables me to have conversations with audience members.

I am thankful to Camden Peoples Theatre for the opportunity in the development of this show! See you on the 28th!