Guest Blog: Jack Harrold on Spill: A Verbatim Show About Sex

Ahead of Spill: A Verbatim Show About Sex,  Jack Harrold opens up about the creative process and what it’s like to be a member of Propolis Theatre.

Catch Spill: A Verbatim Show About Sex Thu – Sat 29 April. Book here

My first encounter of ‘Spill’ was almost two years ago, not as a performer but as a spectator. I can remember sitting in the basement studio of the Bristol Old Vic theatre watching the show’s original run and feeling a huge sense of both assurance and community. Like a lot of people, the sexual education system in my school hadn’t taught me a lot, so I never really knew just how much people go through and experience in relation to sex. Watching ‘Spill’ gave me the understanding of; ‘it’s okay!’ and ‘you’re not alone in your experiences’ – something I’ve always kept in mind when performing.

Onstage, I’ve seen so many different audience reactions to the subjects broached in ‘Spill’, and it’s awesome to hear that the show has made people think about things and engage in discussions that maybe they wouldn’t have before. One of the best things about working with Propolis is their hankering for new ideas and their openness in the collaboration process. This is something that has continued from my first audition to each staging I’ve performed in. We’ve played games and used exercises which have all evolved into pieces of movement in the show and, from what I can remember, there was even a strobe light in one of our rehearsals. Whilst performing ‘Spill’ I’ve always managed to maintain the same sense of freedom and fun that we have in rehearsals. This is something that runs through the bloodline of the show.

Coming together under Bristol Old Vic’s Made In Bristol project, one of Propolis’ greatest assets is its diversity and, through the use of verbatim, they’ve created a show with an amazingly wide range of voices. As an actor it’s a huge opportunity to work with so many different people of different backgrounds. Using verbatim alongside such a mammoth and sensitive topic is a massive task to undergo, but every transcript has been handled with so much care and dedication to each person’s story. I cannot wait to return to London with ‘Spill’. Propolis are an amazing company to work with, and it’s an awesome show to be a part of.