Guest Blog: Grace Gibson

I never had the feet to be a Ballet Dancer and I was “not committed enough” to complete all of my Modern grades.

As a child I performed as a Liquorice Allsort, a Russian Bull Fighter, a Butterfly-Catcher, and a Fisherwoman who loses an eel and then finds it down her back. I’ve been in a Jazz Band and part of a Street Gang, I’ve been a Flying Monkey and Snoozy the dwarf (I couldn’t be Sleepy for copyright issues).

I’m more of a show-er than a tell-er.

Below are a series of images that have led to the creation of my show. Some of them are mine some of them are others, some are inspiration and some are documentation.

I recommend that whilst you scroll through these images you listen to either Track A or Track B or maybe even both if you have the time and curiosity.

But of course I’m not telling you to.

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