Guest blog: Gobscure

Ahead of Gobscure’s show With Added Nuts at #Sprint17 this weekend, company member Sean talks to us about reclaiming the language of lunacy.

inspirations include tom leonard (amazing glasgow poet & more) who once produced a series of foodie posters for glasgow when it was capital of culture including ‘rest-assured the cattle in our pies were once all professors of psychiatry’, gwyneth lewis – bilingual welsh poet who talks of mental distress as telling ‘the way you’ve been living is unbearable’; bobby baker strapping herself onto a flatbed lorry in a white coat & playfully megaphoning passers-to ‘pull yourselves together’ – hilarious, truthful, poignant.  used to play noisily around kurt schwitters merz wall here on tyneside as kid till guards came only to find us quietly pointing at his defiantly mad art

why we made this show.  decades of (mostly enforced) drugs /  hospitalisations, therapies that at most stopped us from losing it completely – nothings working.  community arts & disability arts encouraged us to add our voice into the mix – keeping us going. ken loach is right when he says its getting dark again – with added nuts is a little creative resistance to keep fires burning.  reclaiming the languages ov lunacy is the only thing that makes sense in a world that is barking, crazed, insaning – we are made not mad

andrew vachss says ‘the words we use actually shape the perception of the matters we discuss, in both conscious & unconscious ways.’

with added nuts is ultimately about telling better stories, our stories … what are nuts? – longterm survivors still evolving right across the world,  beautiful to look at / hold, feeding numerous species, a blueprint / a seed – containing life herself.  nuts will continue evolve, long after human animals wiped itself out.  nuts? yes please!

Find out more about With Added Nuts here, and browse the full festival programme here.