Guest Blog: Exclusive access to the diary of Heidi Niemi

Ahead of her leading role in MacBETTI as MacBetti… (and all the other characters) we’ve been granted exclusive access to Heidi Niemi’s weekly diary! Read below for the latest update from the front line of rehearsals.

Oh, and you can read Gus’.

From the brilliant mind of Heidi Niemi
Diary entry 01/05/17

The first week of rehearsals for my one-woman show MacBETTI are finished, and I must say they went spectacularly well, both professionally and personally. A lot of my time was spent exploring each role, allowing these people to come to life and making sure they are unique and dynamic. It certainly helps that my grasp of these characters and the world they inhabit is so natural; it feels as if Shakespeare wrote his plays for me, especially Macbeth. My “director” (I use quotation marks because her title is a formality) must have had the easiest week of her career. My instincts for this show are so perfect that I have barely needed her feedback. Indeed, in the few moments I chose to slip out of character and glance over at her, she was sitting wide-eyed and open-mouthed, obviously in awe of my performance. I even noticed my prop boy crying after one of my scenes as Lady Macbeth. I forget how moving and powerful my acting can be sometimes. But this is why theatre exists. To move people. And there’s no greater combination that Shakespeare and myself to make that happen. It’s a great pleasure for me to be able to take his work and add to it, dare I say even improve it? Yes, I do dare. My version is better.

The diary of Gus
1st May 2017

Dear Diary,

I haven’t been able to write anything all week because I’ve been so busy rehearsing the show I’m going to be in! It’s called MacBETTI, a one-woman version of Macbeth. I know what you’re thinking: Gus, how can you be in a one-woman show? Well, Heidi (who’s show it is) plays most of the parts, so I’m not in it loads! I’ll be helping her with props, and a few sound cues, and things like that, but I get to introduce her, AND she’s promised that I’ll get to play a character at one point. I don’t know who it will be yet but it’s really exciting! A proper acting role! We even have a director! Although it took me a few days to realise because Heidi kept telling her what to do, so I thought she was just her assistant or something to begin with. It must be nice to have someone as talented as Heidi to work with, it’s like she directs herself! So yeah I got to watch Heidi work all this week, and it was mega intense! She’s very serious, and she gets totally into character, so obviously she doesn’t like it if things go wrong because she says it breaks her concentration. She’s shouted at me a few times already, which was pretty scary. One time she was so angry at me I actually cried! But I guess that’s all part of being an actor, so I’ll have to get used to it if I’m going to make it big like her! Anyway I should go practise my parts so that next week she doesn’t hit me or anything!


One woman. All the roles. A quest for total POWER! Don’t miss MacBETTI 16-20 May.