Guest Blog: Exclusive Access To The Diary of Heidi Niemi Week 3

Ahead of her leading role in MacBETTI as MacBetti… (and all the other characters) we’ve been granted exclusive access to Heidi Niemi’s weekly diary! Read below for the latest update from the front line of rehearsals.

Oh, and you can read Gus and Anu’s too.

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From the brilliant mind of Heidi Niemi 
Diary entry 14/05/17

All is prepared. Everything so far has gone to plan. It is as I have foreseen it. All that is left for me to do is tie up the loose ends. I have dealt with the ‘director’ now that her purpose has been served. She can no longer stand in my way. But the boy… the boy still has a job to do, and could yet escape his fate should he be a loyal and valuable asset to me. His life is in his hands, and yet he does not know it. He has a week to prove his worth.

The diary of Gus 
14th May 2017

Dear Diary,

Rehearsals are done! We open on Tuesday, and I’m so excited! But also a little terrified if I’m honest. Heidi has taken her process beyond any method acting I’ve ever heard of. I think she’s staying in character 24/7, which is making her just a bit mad! A lot mad actually. The other night I woke up and she was standing at the foot of my bed, watching me. I wanted to scream, but she pointed her sword at me and gestured for me to keep my mouth shut. Then she just left. I don’t even know how she got my address, let alone got into my flat. I thought maybe the director gave her my details, but she hasn’t even turned up to rehearsals the last few days so I can’t ask her. I guess the two of them decided it would help with my performance if they scared me like this. It’s definitely working, that’s for sure!

 The diary of Anu
14th of May

Rehearsals are finished for the show, and I feel relieved. I have never had to work with such a difficult, emotional and aggressive actor in my entire career. I honestly don’t know why I was brought in to direct this to begin with. Heidi Niemi does NOT listen, does NOT take on advice, does NOT take direction from anyone. The last three weeks have been exhausting. But it’s over now. After opening night, I will never have to see her again. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to see her until then either, but she insisted on meeting me tonight. She kept mentioning ‘tying up loose ends’, as if that means anything. The woman has lost her mind. Maybe she’ll try to kill me. HA! How ridiculous. Maybe I’m losing my mind too. In any case, I’m sure this evening will be one to remember… | @lumocompany | #macBETTI