Guest Blog: Drummond Street Festival by Dan Simpson

Poet, performer and current Poet-in-Residence at Waterloo Station, Dan Simpson, joined us on the 25th of August for the Drummond Street Festival. Wanting to involve his audience as much as he could, he crowdsourced a poem together in 20 minutes and performed live on stage!  

© Simon Waller

Drummond Street Festival    

Drummond Street Festival
Here at Drummond Street
life is as sweet as gulab jamun
in the summer sun
we’ve begun our festivities:
it’s a street party
that’s so much fun.

The music has a beat to it
there’s dancing in the street
drum, bass and movement
cool, isn’t it?

© Simon Waller

Dance life: the melodies of Camden
pumping through our veins
heart skipping to London’s rhythm
the diversity of this city
celebrated in amazing henna
and food
song and art
the things that unite us
a community welcoming all people
today and always.

Families and friends, strangers and new-comers
coming together here today
cheeky kids grabbing handfuls of sweets
hulahooping and whooping
beat boxing, drama and poetry.

I love the bright colours and the sun
the henna and the poems
the bouncy castle and the weather
it’s the best place for shops
Drummond Street full of super love
next year I want to enjoy it again.


© Simon Waller