Guest Blog: Ding and Sich

“Perhaps it did not have to travel far; the distance between your voice and my ear was infinitesimal”  John Berger


We first met in Manchester in the Winter of 2005. One left, the other stayed. We wished each other well. We drifted in and out of touch. We probably wouldn’t still know each other if it wasn’t for Facebook Messenger. Last August one said to the other: “I’ve secretly wanted to make something with you for ages”. Last October we began.


We live 234 miles apart, Edinburgh to London. That’s £122 train fare or £68(-ish, depending) on the MegaBus Gold. The work we make is shaped by that sense of distance and that sense of time. Of course, the cost of travel shapes it too. Consequently, most of our work consists in the telling of stories, late at night, over the phone. The performance absolutely reflects these material circumstances. If you want to come to our show, that’s what you’ll be getting, stories, just stories.


The stories we’ve come up with are all stories of the body. The body is construed by turns as hapless, dignified, graceful, inelegant, abject, searching. The stories  are ones of transfigurations, transgressions and metamorphoses. The human is seen through its various constructions of self, other, subject, object, animal, the brink between You & I, Who & What, Forever and Ever & Never Again, nothing but the living and the longing.